Is Social Networking Ultimately Bad For Our Society?

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According to an online survey conducted in 2013, 23% of people on social networking sites did not know their “friends” well enough to be completely comfortable with their own or their family’s safety and security. An additional 6% has admitted to having a friend that made them feel uneasy about these things ("Cybercriminals Use Personal Information on Social Networking Websites to Commit Crimes"). Social networking has become such a huge part of today’s society with there being a plethora of different types such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. There are also many positive aspects of being on a social networking sites since it connects you to people who may live in a different part of the country or possibly even on a different continent; however, there is still a question that needs to be answered. Even with all the positive effects that it has, is social networking ultimately bad for today’s society? There are multiple answers and sides to this question, but after knowing all the facts about social networking, it is obvious that social networking sites are bad for today’s society because they can cause problems for the users, they can damage teenagers’ educations, and they can pose a threat to the users’ safety and security.
Social networking sites can cause increased problems to its users. Depending on what the user has posted or done on the site and where they work, it can harm their job stability and any future employment prospects. If the employer does not like what the user had said or posted, he can decide not to hire him or her or keep him or her in his business. Also, when on social networking sites, many people tend to spend a myriad amount of hours in solitary. This attachment to their solitary can cause the user to be more prone, and will ultimately lead, to social isolation. They are almost never around people in person-to-person connection, and the only communication that they join in is through a social networking site or some other type of technological device. The lack of face-to-face communication can cause anxiety, shyness, and awkwardness in conversation when talking to any person. This conversation problem can create problems within friendships or personal relationships. Furthermore, it has also been shown that social networking sites are correlated to and can cause personality and brain disorders. Constant users have been known to have a need for instant gratification, remarkably self-centered personalities, excessively addictive behaviors, and in extreme, but very probable, cases, ADHD ("Are Social Networking Sites Good for our Society?"). Even with all the possible problems to the user, it seems more and more people are joining social networking sites every day.
Although social networking sites are made for and used by people of all ages, most of their users are teenagers; however, there are some things that teenagers don’t know about social networking sites. Social networking sites can...

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