Is Standarized Testing Benficial World Literature Research Paper

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Chen 1
Shelley Chen
Mrs. Jenkins
World Literature- 1st period
11 May 2017
Is Standardized Testing Beneficial?
The moment your instructor says you may begin the test; it becomes a race against time to see how many questions you can answer before times runs out. Before you know it there’s only five minutes left on your test, you begin to panic and start circling random answers by following a certain pattern. After so much preparation for the test you do not try anymore. Then the question begins, “What is the point of standardized testing?” Standardized testing’s main purpose is to measure the growth of individual students and evaluate the teachers’ performance. But are these tests really doing what they’re supposed to do? Standardized testing causes severe stress on students, unfair and discriminatory against minorities, and are unreliable in measuring students’ performance.
One reason that standardized testing is not beneficial because of the unnecessary stress that are caused by standardized testing is the amount of stress that students and teachers receive. Stress is typically caused by anxiety due to an overload of tasks to be completed. Typically testing happens in the morning and afternoon, so students are required to go back to their classes and continued with their normal schedules. When students are required to back to class they are still receiving, and on top of that they are still require studying for their test the next day. Additional students are involved in extracurricular activities after school, which results them in going home later. This creates an abundant load of stress for students which leads them into dropouts. These standardized test scores are used to restrain students by grade level resulting in lower high school graduates. Statistics shows that every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone due to the amount of stress. Many decent paying jobs are requiring at least a high school diploma; and these dropouts will seek lower paying jobs which pushes them into a lower quality of life. This creates an unending cycle of poverty.
Another reason that standardized testing is not beneficial because it creates an unfair advantage and discriminatory against minorities. According to Alfie Kohn, he states that testing is a game that minorities and low income students cannot win. This happens because standardized testing prevents them from reaching its full potential by creating traps. The traps prevent minorities and low income students in constant cycle of poverty that the students cannot escape because they are generally in a low-income community. To score well on the standardized tests, teachers spends more time from “real teaching” than “teaching to the test.” This requires teachers to teach the kids the same materials until they remember it. Teachers start to feel that it takes the joy out of teaching, and for students it takes the joy out of learning. Standardized testing not only take...

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