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Is Stannous Fluoride Better Than Triclosan

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Crest Pro-Health containing Stannous Fluoride has been altered so that it will not cause staining of the teeth. They will argue that stannous fluoride is that better choice. Colgate Total containing Triclosan to help keep the oral cavity clear of plaque for longer. Colgate will argue that Triclosan is the best choice. Who do we trust? Which one is really the best? This paper will show the research and details to clear up which one is really the better option for people to use in.their dentifrices. So Is Stannous Fluoride better?
First, Stannous Fluoride will be explored and the research findings explained. Stannous Fluoride originates from the trade name Fluoristan (WiseGeek, 2013). It is a compound made of both tin and fluoride (WiseGeek, 2013). Stabilized stannous fluoride has been proven to help decrease dentinal hypersensitivity, helps decrease gingival inflammation, and helps decrease gingival bleeding. It also helps prevents decay by strengthening the enamel (Czajka-Jakubowska, 2013). According to, stannous fluoride dentifrices also protect the teeth from 1% citric acid. In the study it was found that the stannous fluoride containing dentifrices actually protected against acid erosion (Czajka-Jakubowska, 2013). Crest Pro-Health is one of the many types of toothpaste that contain fluoride. According to the box, it is known for assisting with reversing gingivitis, whitening, tarter control, and gingival bleeding. These are due to the abrasives, the use of pyrophosphates, and the fluoride.
Next, Triclosan will be explored and its research findings will be listed and explained. Toothpastes, containing Triclosan, were found to help improve plaque biofilm control, reverse gingivitis, and help with periodontal health ("Dentifrices, an update"). It is equally as effective on gingivitis and plaque control. It is effective at preventing plaque from adhering to the tooth for 12 hours. If brushing twice a day, it would prevent the plaque from accumulating for the entire day. According to, Triclosan is used as a pesticide. It is used on conveyor belts, fire hoses, dye bath vats, and ice making machines as an antimicrobial pesticide. Triclosan has been found to be carcinogenic, to have chronic toxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and an endocrine disruptor (Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). It was prescribed to over five million pregnant woman to prevent spontaneous abortions and to promote fetal growth and development (Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). However, it was found that after the children born went through puberty, they experienced developmental problems with the...

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