Is Steve Irwin A Responsible Parent?

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On January the second 2004 Steve Irwin carried out an act that was in his best judgement as an environmentalist, conservationist, Australian icon and passionate family man. Now it has everyone from the international media, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and parenting groups dragging his name and reputation along with Australia's through the mud, all this for what could only be described as the beautiful act of a father teaching his son the family business.His drive and unbridled enthusiasm for every person possible to come and see not only what Australia has to offer but what nature itself has to offer us all is a massive influence on our tourist industry at the moment and will continue to be.Along with Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Steve Irwin's 'Australia Zoo' is the main reason for international tourists to come to Australia. In 2000 - 01, the inbound tourism sector contributed about $17.1 billion to the Australian economy. Inbound tourism accounts for 11.2 per cent of Australia's total export earnings, making it the fourth largest contributor after mining, manufacturing and agriculture. The Tourism Forecasting Council predicts that the contribution of inbound tourism to the Australian economy is likely to grow to over $34 billion in the next 10 years.His influence on our economy and the way we do business with the rest of the world on a tourism level and as an icon of Australia is only going to increase over the next 10 years.Steve Irwin is a professional and knows how to handle crocodiles safely, probably better than anyone else in the world. He has grown up around crocodiles and seems to have both an innate love and respect of them and a near magical bond too.Every single crocodile in Australia Zoo was either caught by Steve and his father Robert or was born in the park. He is clearly the greatest thing to happen to reptile conservation and also animal conservation the world has even seen. He is an international symbol and has more than begun to unravel the negative stigma and myths surrounding the crocodile. Steve tries to get the message out to all that crocodiles are beautiful creatures like kangaroos and koalas.As Irwin mentioned in his feature film "Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course", "What a beautiful snake. Ya know what? I'm a professional. You see a snake like this, don't muck with it! Steve Irwin has showed his hand in this statement. By reiterating to the millions that watch him that he is only doing this stuff because he is a...

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