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Is Strategic Planning For The Global Container Port Industry Of Hong Kong

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Moving to 2006, Hong Kong, is still one of the leading operators of the container terminal industry. Owning 3 completers in this small island, they are working hard to maintain the growth among the industry.Generally, citizen do not aware the importance of this industry. Thinking that it is just noisy, dirty, male and heavy industry. Or may be just treat it as a kind of toy - the LEGO®. But, the truth is, this industry is one of the most important business in the world. It is an increasingly important component of the Hong Kong (also the whole world) economy in terms of revenue and employment and a key-point of business operation in various sections.One of the completers in Hong Kong is HPH (Hutchison Port Holdings), the largest private terminal operator in the world. Their business is started in Hong Kong, but not only limited in this small island, is all over the world. As HPH started to buy other container ports in other countries and formed a global network.At the near time theme, PSA (Port of Singapore Authority, the largest terminal operator which owned by a government) started same project and try to establish their empire over the world. And the recently colony, is one which just next to the HPH port! And these two operators have become the leaders in the industry.New Trend - Starting from Hong KongSince Hong Kong already has a long history and lot of experience in terminal industry, we should say it is "well developed". Terminal operators are trying to copy its' Hong Kong model to develop new ports, and also re-new the old colonies. And they believed that this change could standardize the format of the world's container ports and have a more effective operation as same as Hong Kong. But the most important is, they wish to make Hong Kong to be the central point for their port business and could have more efficient management.Hong Kong is well known as a financial centre of the world, with the most update information technology as the back end support. Everything should be related to the e-solution. And so, the terminal operators pay extra attention on the introduction of IT to the terminal industry. They tried to start on the IT mode in recent years.What is the IT mode?Everybody may guess what the definition of "IT mode" is.The terminal operators are now working very hard on their IT mode. They started to run a Help Centre in Hong Kong, and let this Help Centre to handle all kinds of IT problem. Centralized a team of experts and provide instant support. At the same time, the Help Centre are owning another team of developers, which are keep on developing tailor-made systems for the company to facilitate every container movement inside the container port. Meanwhile, an IT-enhanced container port is then produced.Actually, the IT mode of the container port industry is just started for few years. It is still in the early stage and started the first page of the revolution. But, the operators already tasted the gain from this changes and...

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