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Is Syria Ever Going To Have Peace?

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Sometimes in this world there is a lot of struggles that we face whether is bullying, discrimination or even maybe racism all around the world. For example, in Syria lots of people get torture just because of how rebellion people were or simply how they appear to one other. By the time it read an article talking about the different type of torture there was in Syria made me realize that it has a connection with the book “Blood Done Sign My Name”. The one example that it make me think about it in the book was about when it talks about racism. I honestly think people show get treated all the same and have equal rights to everything. This book mainly was about racism and how whites were more ...view middle of the document...

What this situation brought me in mind was that white people treated the black people very badly because of segregation. The whites had their own white side and the black had their own black side for different things. For example, there were stores and barber shops where it said white people only and black people did also. When white people would see black people walking down the streets that would say disrespectful things to the black people and in some case they would throw things at them just because they were black. There was a grab-all store which meant that any race would be allowed to go in the store and purchase anything that they would like to purchase. Sadly, that store didn’t go to well because people wouldn’t go in at all because they thought it was wrong for them to go in.
Protest where including in both the book and human rights in Syria. Thousands of people were detained because of all the protests that were going on during this period of time. Children by this period of time was being detained also, people were being shot by members of security forces. Even some on the members of the security were being killed for refusing to fire on protester and other things that they wanted to be attacking. People wanted to this protesting to have an end because they did not like it what do ever.
Slavery is also involved with both situations. Syria had didn’t type of people doing other peoples job just because the other people were poor and need some food to eat. “The rich” people would let them do all the work while they just sit there and see how they do it. Even some people will hit the slavery just because either they work too slow or simply don’t like how they are doing the job....

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