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Is Technological Dependence Hurting The Global Population?

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Alex Liaw
Mrs. Woolcock
English 4 CP
15 April 2014
Technological Dependence: benefitting the global population
Research question: Is technological dependence hurting the global population?
Technological dependence
People around the world take for granted much of what is presented to them. Many seem to ignore much of the things that are there to help. Globally people tend to focus on the negative things. Much of the speculation revolves around the innovation of technology. Technology has brought up great controversy in the sense that some think that the global population is too dependent on technology. However, many seem to overlook what great innovation technology has brought. Although ...view middle of the document...

Before the late nineteenth century, the most a family could farm was around thirty acres with everyone pitching in, but with modern machinery, farmers could work thousands of acres with no issue. An amount like that would be unfathomable to a farm family in the late eighteen hundreds. However, probably the most impacting innovation in agriculture is GMOs. Genetically modified organisms, but in this sense crops, are the science behind agriculture. An organization called Non-GMO Project explains that GMOs are genetically modified from the genes of bacteria to help fight pests from destroying the crops (1). With this in hand, farmers are able to make sure that the crops in their farms are safe to grow. It is a lot easier to make food now as compared to the past since now farmers do not have to worry about other animals eating their crops before they could sell them. Farmers will not need big scarecrows as security to protect their crops, now that GMOs are protecting them. While on the topic of security, technology seems to not only have impacted agriculture, but crime fighting as well.
Having too much crime in one city can be a hassle. Making sure that certain crimes will not happen again is the beauty that lies behind technology. Forensics and security have made crime fighting so much easier for those who are trying to stop it. South Source, a publication of South University, interviewed City of Albany Police Department’s detective James Miller. South Source wrote:
The CAPD is also using cameras for surveillance. Video cameras complete with audio were installed in police car dashboards so that all interactions between officers and the public can be captured on digital video. Miller says new crime-fighting technology allows his department to be more efficient, because it allows crime to be analyzed in a timelier manner. “The faster you can identify trends and where crime occurs the quicker you can respond to it,” he says. (1)
Security is now at an all-time high now that videos and evidence are able to be analyzed so much quicker and more efficiently. It is not just to quality of the cameras that is making crime fighting easier; it is also the quantity of the cameras. Richard Winton, a Los Angeles Times reporter, addressed the topic discussing how much technology has impacted the police department of Long Beach. The information talks about how the police department was able to tap into privately owned cameras to fight crime if needed (1). The beauty is that technology is providing so much innovation to help police find criminals. The same article also noted how the police department has a big computing agency that can access other agencies, like the Department of Motor Vehicles, in the case that investigators need a quick clue (2). This shows how much the world is reliant on technology since police departments from other countries can now contact each other in the case of a cross border criminal. Technological advancements in criminal justice are...

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