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Is Technology Making Us Lonely? Essay

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Before technology, face to face communication was a normal everyday thing and loneliness was a problem that was rarely talked about or experienced. People went about their day without checking their phone every five minutes or so to see if anyone liked the status they posted or feeling lonely when nobody new liked it. In new studies more and more people have feelings of loneliness and depression. However, more people now use social medias such as Facebook, twitter and instagram. While it is true that technology mainly sites such as Facebook can lead to a person feeling alone, it is also true that it depends on how you use the technology, either to your advantage or as a depressant.
When technology such as the computer was invented it was meant more for the use of making everyday tasks at work or home easier. The original inventors had no idea that one day there would be sites like Facebook with over a million users. Now when people are at work most of the time they do not pick up the phone and call down to another office or business. They sit on the computer and either send an email or instant message; this does not lead to a very strong and healthy relationship. Talking on the phone and listening to a person and getting to know them, that is what keeps you from feeling isolated or alone.
Sometimes people use these medias, like skype, to keep in touch with their friends or loved ones. However it is not the same as holding them in your arms and seeing them in the flesh. Technically it is better than chatting on facebook or just a regular telephone call but being able to reach out and grab them is what a person needs more, face to face. Sometimes people complain that a long distance relationship will never work, while it does depend on the person, chatting for a few minutes every couple days is kind of depressing. Getting to talk to say a husband or wife for a little bit while you have not seen them for weeks or months is nice but it can also make the person really miss the other just by seeing their face or hearing their voice. In turn it can make the person feel lonely.
When it comes to sites like...

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