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Is Science The Supreme Form Of Knowledge?

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For some people science is the supreme form of all knowledge. Is this view reasonable or does it involve a misunderstanding of science or of knowledge?Science can be defined as the process of evaluating empirical knowledge (scientific method) and a global community of scholars where an organized body of knowledge is gained by the process and is carried by the community. Science today is considered one of the most reliable, accepted and trusted form of knowledge. However, science is not the supreme form of knowledge as there are many other forms of knowledge which are considered even more supreme to some people. An example which people consider to be the supreme form of knowledge is religious knowledge which has been used worldwide throughout history by millions of people. Although many in this world still believe science is the supreme form of knowledge because of the progress of science claims and the scientific progress achieved in the past. This is because science is easily verifiable and various theories are accepted in the scientific community if there has been a proven theory from using the scientific method. Knowledge gained from science can also be by disproving a 'law' or theory in Science. Overall, science is considered as significant form of knowledge because it relies on reasoning and proving a scientific hypothesis/observation. However, it is not considered to be the supreme form of knowledge as results can be affected by bias, observations are not always accurate and other reasons stated below in this essay.Knowledge is the awareness and understanding of facts, truths or information gained in the form of experience or learning.Therefore to state that science is the supreme form of knowledge is a misconception because knowledge can be anything, fact and fiction. Science is one way of finding logical truth about the universe we are living in by providing a new understanding which becomes knowledge. But I think it is only a small fraction of knowledge to one individual as there are many other significant forms of knowledge.Although again, it has been believed for years in societies that ideal way of finding proof. Proof defines as: any factual evidence that helps to establish the truth of something. However, even in the process of performing the scientific method, the evidence isn't always the truth. The scientific method is basically an organized approach to problem solving which includes; questioning a phenomenon, observing, formulating a hypothesis, conducting an experiment and having one by testing it objectively, then interpreting the results, proving a hypothesis and stating a conclusion which could be another hypothesis or theory.A reason why scientific method can be a problem of knowledge is:- Collecting data, which is usually done by various observations or performing an experiment, is not always possible for humans to produce completely accurate observations and results. This is sometimes affect by bias and some scientists...

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