Is Teenage Behavior Better Or W Orse Than It Was Years Ago?

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Is teenage behavior better or worse than it was years ago?
Almost everyone in the general public has studied the change in teenager behavior today compared to their childhood years. One obvious argument is that teenager behavior has changed now compared to the way it was several years. Has their behavior gotten better or worse? Teenager's behavior has without a doubt gotten worse over the years. Teenagers nowadays are likely to be more exposed to the bad things that happen in this world. Generally during the teen years, thoughts about bodies, opposite sex and sexuality come into mind. The teenage years are a time to experiment, explore and take risks. In the time of teenage years, emotions ...view middle of the document...

After that, like to stay away from their homes all night long also become a trend among the teenagers nowadays. “Staying out late is a sign of growing up. It suggests freedom and independence. On top of this what you do when you stay out late is far more fun than going to school could ever be”. Parenting When have a night life, they could be facing peer pressure to involve in illegal racing or going to the night club. Automatically, they would be drink alcohol, take drugs, or involves in violence because of the clubbing or illegal racing activity. Sexual promiscuity also became issues among the teenagers nowadays. Like I said earlier, there are many negative effects when teenagers have a night life. They might be fall to sexual promiscuity because of the mixing gender in the night club or illegal racing activity. Examples like, they are going to the night club with their female friend or girlfriend will end at bed at last without their consciousness because of alcohol or drugs.
Another factor that causes teenagers are becoming worse than years ago is some teenagers are involves in crimes. “There are many reasons why teenagers could be influenced into committing crimes. One reason is their inexperience and youth. A lot of times being young and having a lack of experience can lead teenagers into dangerous and often criminal situations, such as joining gangs, taking or dealing drugs and drinking”.Prontes (2014). Most of teenagers nowadays are more eager to joining street gangs at their neighbourhood than years ago. In their minds, their gangs will give protection to them. In this socioeconomic challenged neighbourhoods or society and areas, teens often join gangs in order to protect themselves from being bullied or something that will harm them. The other crime by teenagers nowadays is stealing and vandalism. When have a place to hang and something to do after joining the gangs, the older members (brothers or sisters) of the gang maybe will teach or giving order to doing simple crimes at first, examples like stealing and vandalism. Then, they will do the crimes to show the respect to older members or because want to stay in the gang. Other than that, teenager might be a drug dealer when joining the gangs. Teenagers that being a new member in the gang will be promoted on how to make a quick buck by be a drug dealer. Because the quick, easy and lot of money, teenagers will easily influenced and interested to be a drug dealer.
After that, teenagers tend to be a rebellious also behavior that have seen gotten worsen nowadays than it was years ago. “The teen years are a time of great change and intense growth, where many physical, cognitive and psychological changes are occurring. These changes often cause confusion and upheaval for both the parent and child. A parent, who is used to their younger child being cooperative and eager to please, may now be faced with an adolescent who opposes and asserts more independence”. Michalopoulou(2000)....

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