Is Telecommuting Really Worth The Hassle?/Challenges Business May Face When Deciding Whether Or Not Employees Should Telecommute

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Telecommuting has become very popular among employees and employers in the past few years. Employees see it as a way to avoid rush hour traffic, long commutes, and saving on mileage, fuel and child care costs. Employers prefer telecommuting because it increases productivity and saves office space. However, there are many challenges that employees and employers must consider before deciding on telecommuting. I am going to discuss the three most important communication challenges facing a business when it contemplates letting its employees telecommute. These are finding the right employees, lack of supervision, and productivity.Telecommuting is defined as "an alternative way of accomplishing work tasks while at the same time providing a variety of benefits to organizations, associates, communities and the environment" (Green). It basically replaces the conventional office in other locations such as one's home. There is no doubt that when employees are looking to fill telecommuting positions there are certain characteristics they need to look for in possible future employees. Since telecommuting is basically working from home or away from the workplace itself telecommuters must be well disciplined, have excellent work habits, be well organized, be able to plan ahead and communicate effectively. They must have the motivation and determination to complete all tasks assigned to them (Green).The second challenge businesses must face is their lack of control over their employee (Green). There is very little or no supervision so it is very important that teleworkers and telemanagers keep in contact throughout tasks and projects to make sure they are on track. Since the employees are not scheduled to work certain hours and there are no time clocks, they are basically their own supervisors. They set their own goals and they choose when and where they wish to work ("Telecommuting Challenges").The third challenge a business must face when contemplating telecommuting is productivity. Many businesses praise telecommuting mainly because they say it increases productivity. It increases the amount of time a person can work when taking into consideration the time involved with commuting to and from a workplace and that they can work outside regular work hours. It is also said that employees feel more comfortable working at home. Therefore, productivity increases which benefits the company (Haji). I feel that a lot more than just time should be taken into consideration when thinking about increased productivity. There are a lot of other factors that a company must take into consideration when contemplating telecommuting such as technology and the distance involved. In order for an employee to actually be productive they need to leave all of the "perks" a regular workplace would give them. They need equipment such as computers, fax machines, printers and other office products. They need high-speed internet lines and cell phones, which they can use to send and...

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