Is ‘Text Speak’ A Good Way To Communicate? Feature Article

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Is ‘text speak’ really a good way to communicate with people? “SMS language” or “texting language” is a term for the abbreviations and slang commonly used with mobile phone or other social media based websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

How is the use of ‘text talk’ impact and affect peoples communication skills? Studies have shown that more Australians are talking in ‘text talk’ everyday, and it is affecting our general communication abilities. According to local high-school teacher, Mr John Shaw, he has seen a big drop in students’ English abilities and skills. “we have seen a large drop in our students Literacy skills over the past year. Our classroom teachers are working on improving the students skills in the English learning area.

Text speak is changing our lives more than we realise. A local business owner, who has asked not to be named said that “our business is receiving a large number of job applications and it is evident that this crazy texting slang is getting out of hand. The number of cover letters and resumes that my assistant manager and I read each week, show many spelling errors and lack of quality communication skills- which are an essential part of working with our business.”

Teachers are also fed up with the use of text talk in their classrooms, often seeing the use of ‘text talk’ in students assessments and homework. Dr. Susan Brown, a Child Psychologist and Kate Williams, a Speech Pathologist, noted that in their recent assessments with children, some as young as eight years old are showing that they lack in basic language skills. Ms Williams conducted a ‘spelling and...

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