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Is The Biggest Threat To The Jewish State.....The Jews ?

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Even though By dedicating their lives to the torah hasidic Jews preserve Judaism and practise the highest calling in life studying the torah. By integrating them into our secular society(conscription)we face losing who we are., Yes israel should mandate that hasidic jews must serve in the military. because By not participating in israel in society hasidic Jews cost israel over 1.5 billion dollars a year in welfare. With hasidic Jews set to be make up 25% of the population and one in three school students this problem will keep getting bigger till it pops. and The one thing standing in hasidic Jews becoming a larger part of the workforce and integrating into Israeli society is them being exempt from military service the only pathway to getting a job and being successful in modern israel.

Since the creation of israel in 1948 ultra orthodox Jews have been exempt from military service, but theres a huge difference of 500 people being exempt and 700,000 in a nation of 8 million where your closest neighbors would like nothing more than to wipe you off the face of the earth. Currently the majority of ultra orthodox jews live in “poverty” ,chose to simply collect welfare and study the torah. Due to their belief of having a large family(be fruitful and multiply) they have the fastest birthrate in israel and by 2030 they will make up 26% of israel's population. Which if no changes are made could ruin israel economics prosperity putting more strains on the middle class to support the ever growing “leeches” which actively refuse to budge. With one third of students entering schools being ultra orthodox jews something must be done to insure that this generation fully integrates and contributes to mainstream israeli society for the sake of the jewish state.
we the headies protect the nation of israel through prayer and contribute to society by preserving the the jewish way of life and keeping our identity alive.
By praying to god we prevent countless attacks on israel and do the highest honor by committing our lives to torah(jewish holy book) study.
Even if we were to go into the army we need a seperate all men unit to preserve our holy way of life which the idf(israel defence force) seems unwilling to do and is...

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