Is The Captivity Of Killer Whales For Entertainment Purposes Inhumane?

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Is the captivity of Killer Whales for the entertainment of humans inhume?
Suppose you were kidnapped from your family as a child by an alien species while your family watched in despair, crying out helplessly for your kidnappers to not rip you away from them. Now imagine then being strapped down and transported to a place unknown and once you arrive, you see that some of the other children that were also kidnapped have died. You then witness something that will forever remain engraved into your mind; you witness those monsters that took you hostage cut the children open, fill their bodies up with rocks, tie an anchor onto their feet and throw them into the ocean. The monsters then throw you into a tiny cage; you learn that you will not only never see your family again and die in that confinement but you will also work for these monsters and perform as a source of entertainment for them. You spend every night locked away into an even smaller steel cage that gives no freedom of movement at all and aren’t fed if you displease your new masters. Although this sounds like an outline for a horror movie, it is not. It is happening in real life and in our world. It is horrific, not only unethical but inhumane. This depicts the capturing process and life in captivity for public display of Orcinus Orcas, popularly known as Killer Whales since 1961. Although some laws regarding the capturing of whales have changed, whales are still being treated unethically. Just as inhumane as it is for this to be done to humans, it is equally inhumane for it to be done to animals. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, inhumanity is “the quality or stage of being cruel to other people or to animals” ( and that is what their captivity is, cruel. The quality of life has been deprived from these helpless animals and they are literally “dying to entertain [humans]” (Williams).
The Animal Welfare Act was a law that was signed and put into effect in 1996, which is one of the only federal laws in the United States that regulates for the treatment of animals in transport, research, and exhibition as well as the treatment from dealers along with other commercial purposes (United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library). This Act is strongly enforced by not only the USDA but also the APHIS, and Animal Care Agency (United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library). Unfortunately, many animals are not protected at all or barely by the Federal Animal Welfare Act. There is minimal state and federal protection for animals used for entertainment purposes which is unfair due to the fact that they were captured against their will. There are few organizations that actually care for the wellbeing of all animals and advocate for the protection of animals against cruelty and exploitation such as the Animal Protection Institute (Earth Jutice). The API openly expresses their opposition of the use of animals for any type of...

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