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Is The Economic Development Of Developing Counties More Important Than Protecting The Environment?

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The economy growth is always the attention focal point to every country especially developing ones. On the other hand, economy growth has huge impact the protecting environment whilst protecting the environment also impacts the economy growth. Economy developments not only enhance the economics structure of a country and improve the people’s life quality, but also enhance the integration of national power. Nonetheless, several of serious environmental problems were seen such as; air and water pollution.

A concern for rapids population growth needed a rapid rate of economic development but they will have to face natural crisis, especially climate change pollution. As the trend of population in developing countries is on the dramatic rise, more tension was created for the government to solve. As a result, the government must find solution to fasten the growth rates of economies. Those solutions include extracting natural resources such as coal, natural gases and oil. : A case in point, China is one of the largest producers of coal because coal is the main source of its electricity production. According to World Coal Association (World coal association, 2013), China is the largest coal producers which accounted for more than 50% (3549 Million tons) of world’s total coal production in 2012 (7831Million tons). This factor has assisted for 7.8% of economics growth in China in 2012, which is higher than expected by its government in the early 2012 with only 7.5 %( Xinhua, 2013). On the contrary, there were many disasters recorded in the region. As stated by Greenpeace “Coal is the main source of climate change pollution” (Greenpeace, n.d). Climate change pollution included air and water pollution. Air pollution resulted from the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (NO2) from burning coal for electricity production and industries, which caused fresh air problem in most of the biggest cities in this country, meanwhile China has already accounted 7 cities of the top 10 cities that currently has air issue(Morrison, 2013). At the same time, clean water crisis for the Chinese are on the rise due to the fact that safe water are mostly polluted by the mining wastes and other industry wastes. As stated by Nina Brooks from Arlington Institute (Brooks, n.d), 70% of China’s rivers and lakes are polluted and 90% of ground water in the cities is too polluted to drink, as a result several hundred of million Chinese are confronting with lack of clean-water crisis. Economic development is, indeed, helping the country to respond with its basic need of the growing population but it also create others problems particularly air and water pollution.
Environmental protection and global normalization is only holding back the country development in both power and economics, nonetheless the nation itself will also have to confront with environmental issue. The industrialized world’s emphasis on green issues holds back developing countries...

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