Is The Future Of The Irish Rural Pub Sustainable

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(Supervisor of studies)
The School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology,
Dublin Institute of Technology
Cathal Brugha Street Dublin 1.
April 2014
Is the future of the rural pub sustainable? An exploration of
factors which shape rural pubs in County Monaghan
Submitted by: Martin Smyth
A dissertation presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the bachelor of Science in Bar Studies
(Management and Entrepreneurship)
Presented to: James Murphy MSc (Hons), MA (Ed)

Dublin Institute of Technology
I certify that this dissertation which I now submit for examination for the award of
Bachelor of Science in Bar Studies Management and Entrepreneurship is entirely my
own work and has not been taken from the work of others save and to the extent that
such work has been cited and acknowledged within the text of my work.
This dissertation was prepared in accordance with the regulations of the Dublin
Institute of Technology and has not been submitted in whole or in part for an award
in any other Institute or University.
The Institute has permission to keep, lend or to copy this dissertation in whole or in
part, on condition that any such use of the material of the dissertation be duly
Signed: Date:
Martin Smyth

Dublin Institute of Technology
The main hypothesis of this study is to examine the factors that are having a
conflicting impact on the Irish rural pub trade in County Monaghan The research sub
questions explored the issues of economic downturn, government intervention, social
isolation, access to services and a change of consumer behaviour. It is proposed that
this study would be reflective of the Irish rural pub trade. There is a broad range of
information available in regards to the macro-environment; however there is a lack
of data available on a smaller market segment. In order to address this gap of
knowledge, the author explored factors which shape rural public houses in County
Monaghan. To attain an understanding into these factors a mixed method approach
of research was carried out. Surveys were conducted with twenty two publicans
throughout County Monaghan followed by three in-depth interviews. The findings
indicated that economic factors coupled with governmental intervention have played
a huge part in the steep decline of rural pubs in County Monaghan. The widespread
availability of inexpensive alcohol has had the most significant role in the decline of
the rural Irish pub trade. This has resulted in numerous negative roll on effects.
Based on the main findings the author recommended that publicans should hold
events as often as possible to entice customers to drink in the pub as opposed to
drinking at home. Holding creative events will target a younger audience and help to
address age imbalances. In addition to this, it is recommended that publicans
construct a suitable smoking area that is out of sight from the main entrance of the...

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