Is The Internet Biased Towards Male Users?

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Is the Internet Biased Towards Male Users? A-Describing the issue The internet, the world at the tip of your fingers, what ever subjects you can think of what ever aspect you are searching for, you can find on the Internet! From books to libraries to newspapers, sports and the arts. However an issue is raised over the utilization of the Internet and that it the Internet is more biased (aimed) towards men. That is because most sites are made or are hoped to be viewed by men, i.e. porn sites, sports sites, news and several other sites that are mainly aimed towards men. The effect of this is that men become more familiar with the usage of the Internet and learn new experiences. However, this has a negative effect on females, they are not encouraged about giving the internet a try or they feel that all the sites are aimed towards men there fore they don't want to access it in thought that they wont find an interest in it. This makes women less intellectual than, men, because like this men use the internet more than women and know how to use it therefore they access more information and are known to be more "technical" whilst women don't know how to operate it and they wont know how to extract any information form the internet, they would also by more limited, as the internet opens new horizons to it's users.B- IT background Another reason why female do not, tend to have more interest towards the internet and are more in depth with using it, while women, have limited choices of women, orientated websites on the internet such as (based on a survey): women healthcare, fashion and design, female clothing cosmetics women's sports, issues concerning women etc. The Internet may not be totally biased towards men it's just that men are heavy internet users and that a survey (GUV's user survey October 1998) showed that 50 % of men using the internet spend from 41 to 50 hours in front of the computer in a period of 5 days. This shows that men are consuming and over using the Internet, therefore women may not find a chance to access the Internet due to the heavy usage by males. Another reason that males use the internet more than females is that it is a psychological fact that men like to be more dominant in finding out new aspects and issues like in the past when males were only allowed to vote and that men always came prior to women. There fore males want to be more familiar with the Internet so that they can be more sophisticated than women, and I t may not be done on purpose, it is a psychological fact, that may be dominant in males.The majority of the websites available on the Internet may be another reason why females are not very interested I the Internet. Most of the sites are either: sport sites (, porn sites, news sites ( and search engines ( Some other websites may provide interest to both sexes such mp3 music sites (, pop sites ( playing online games (yahoo/games .com) and chat programs (ICQ)....

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