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Is The Introduction Of A Western Based Education System In Kazakhstan Producing Students That Are Globally Competitive?

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In the period of globalization today Kazakhstan is known as a competitive and pressing towards to be economically developed country, due to its determination and activeness in the world area of global problems. The world economic forum report on global competitiveness for 2012-2013 shows that Kazakhstan is appreciated as ready for competitiveness and it has taken 51 position from 126 ones, which is actually reputable result for such country like Kazakhstan. The country is ahead from Russian Federation and India 16 and 8 positions respectively, which is also unquestionably perfect development, providing that GDP of these countries is 9 times greater than Kazakhstan’s GDP.
The report for competitiveness represents that Kazakhstan’s most problematic factor for doing business is inadequately educated workforce, which was the first consequence for Kazakhstan to invest money in education. As state program of education development for 2011-2020 illustrates, one of the main priorities in “Kazakhstan-2030” strategy is going to be an education. Education is acknowledged for Kazakhstan as precondition of economic success and as the important role in entering to the club of the most competitive 30 countries in the world, which is mentioned in “Kazakhstan-2050” strategy. In major educational policy documents, the expressions such as ‘to create a competitive national education system’, or ‘to foster innovation and create a productive basis for a modern, competitive economy’ is referred as education purpose. The Europe-2020 strategy key point is human capital and its significance in an economic development. The World Bank’s Education Strategy 2020 entitled ‘Learning for all: Investing in people’s knowledge and skills to promote development’ is focused on the language of capital and investment, which is applied both for creation and innovation and to the development of skills as well.
As long as years are passed away, journalists, scientists, politicians, everybody interested in Kazakhstan development are waiting for the first results of national educational policy investment. To solve a majority of problems such as the scarce in educated workforce, advanced research capacity, innovation in technology and industry, and other social and political problems, there has been constructed Nazarbayev University and Nazarbayev Intellectual schools that is why they are in the center of view and in the press of citizenship and due to its purpose they are referred as area of experiments and yearly education systems, led by organization of “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” and Nazarbayev University and their partners, are involved in.
The key issue is education system effect on economic development, which is one of the main measurements of competitiveness. Education has long been viewed as the way of economic growth. Theoretically it is emphasized that it has at least three mechanisms through which education can effect on economic growth. First, education can increase human...

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