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Is The Microsoft Surface Durable? Essay

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Is the Microsoft Surface durable? According to one video summary of a man torture testing the surface the product is put thru multiple extremes that the average person probably wouldn’t try. First, he places the Surface in his personal freezer for two and a half hours allowing ice to accumulate on the product; after immediately retrieving the product from the freezer he turns it on with success and no delay. The second test he performs is putting the product thru heat. He starts by preheating his oven to two-hundred fifty degrees and cracking a raw egg on to the Surface. He removed the keyboard and placed the product in the oven for approximately one hour. The surface actually turned on ...view middle of the document...

A product is any type of offering which can satisfy a consumer’s wants and needs with such a broad definition a product has to be able to be classified (Clow & Lascu, 2012 . The product, Microsoft Surface, could be defined as an augmented product. An augmented product is one that is improved by extra services or benefits (Clow & Lascu, 2012). What makes this product more beneficial than the competitors such as Apple’s IPAD is that it functions with Windows 8 which includes Microsoft office. Under Microsoft Office, the consumer gets Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This feature would probably benefit students and business connoisseurs alike, and it would eliminate the need for a bulky laptop which costs extra to add Microsoft Office. The product classification is based on the level of risk involved with a purchase as well as the effort the consumer must put out. This product is classified as a shopping good since most consumers would evaluate the Surface before purchasing it. A shopping good is one that a consumer recognizes as higher risk than ordinary purchases which in return the consumer will spend more time researching the product. To further the classification it could be sorted into the heterogeneous Shopping Goods category because it does vary from other tablets not so much based on appearance but function (Clow & Lascu, 2012). Most stores that sell tablets have them on display to be sampled and have a specialist that is informed about the product; the Microsoft Surface could be found in that section.
Brand image is the consumer perception of a particular brand; it combines the brand name, mark, logo, character, and brand strategy together to build the general perception (Clow & Lascu, 2012). The certain brand image that comes along with the product Microsoft Surface is the brand image of Microsoft since the Surface is family branded or blanket branded (Clow & Lascu, 2012). Family branded or blanket branded is when one brand name is used for more than one product, for example Microsoft has Xbox, Windows, Surface and others which all fall in separate categories. In two thousand and eleven, Microsoft was ranked third in the leading brands of the world coming in with a 59,087 million dollar value and only being surpassed by Coca Cola and IBM (Clow & Lascu, 2012). Over time Microsoft has modified their logo; starting with Scott Baker’s “pacman” logo from 1987-2012. On Interbrand’s website there is a list of the best global brands in 2013; Microsoft was number 5. The article tells of the poor reception that Microsoft Windows 8 received and the lack of enthusiasm for the Microsoft Surface, yet Microsoft’s brand is still hanging in there. “The brand struggles as consumer demand evolves past traditional PCs, but bold retail strategies like creating more than 600 Windows store experiences within Best Buy locations and price adjustments for Surface were deployed to help accelerate interest and adoption. Despite the brand’s...

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