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Is The Movie Twelve Years A Slave A Good Movie Of Its Genre?

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The film industry has been showing many different aspects of the world we are living in. It shows fantasy, comedy, action, sport and many other genres that exhibit the needs of human entertainment. Some of these movies are only created and adapted by pure imagination of the film and script writers, while other movies are based on true stories with some adaptation by the script and/or film writer on the events happening in the film story, yet they are considered and said to be based on true stories. All the same, movies that are considered to be in the same category can be identified because by some means they share the same plots elements and the same story flow with similar anticipated behaviors and scenes by the film audience. For example, if one is a fan of action movies, he/she expects any movie that goes under the category of action to be violent with the movie hero to be victorious and the movie villain to be defeated. Besides, if one is watching any comedy movie, he/she is expecting the movie to have a satisfying ending, as a matter of fact, it would be adequate to say that it will have a happy ending for the audience and most movie characters. This essay will focus on the slavery drama movie Twelve Years a Slave to show how this movie gives the audience the sense of how both the slaves and the society lived during slavery eras. Likewise, how the slaves and society are different from what the audience expect any slavery movie to be by comparing many aspects and ways used to portray them as slavery drama movies. Above all, this essay will categorize the movie Twelve Years a Slave as a good movie of its genre because it showcases the criteria in which this essay will focus on to give as detailed grouping as possible for the movie, and these criteria are: The use of physical violence against the slaves, the use of verbal violence, language and the words used to refer to the slaves, and the difference between the slaves and their owners setting used such as costuming, food and furniture and how they are different in the way the slaves and their owners live daily.
Twelve Years a Slave is an Oscar winning movie about the main character Solomon Northup, a free black man lives in New York in 1841. He makes his living by playing the violin in many events and ceremonies in New York. He is abducted by two men who take him to visit Washington D.C. where before he is promised to get some money just by playing violin for two weeks (Dargis). He, afterwards, finds himself in New Orleans where he is told that his name has changed to Platt. He, then, is sold to a kindhearted plantation owner Mr. Ford, who identifies Platt’s educational level and artistic abilities. Solomon is then seen fighting with one of the Mr. Ford’s white workers, Tibeats, and then Mr. Ford fears for Solomon' life and then he sells him to Mr. Epps, an alcoholic who owns a cotton plantation. Mr. Epps has taken one of his slaves, Patsey, and his very best cotton picker as his lover....

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