Is The National Security Agency Taking It Too Far?

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Ever since the horrible events that took place on 9/11, the United States of America has taken more security precautions. The main security change has been in airports. But, not just airports, the National Security agency (NSA) has been invading people’s privacy more and more since then. The NSA was founded by President Truman on November 4th, 1952 as an organization to decrypt code communications in WW2 (wiki/NSA). It was not until soon after 9/11 that the NSA started to become the organization it is today. Essentially everything that you do involving technology or internet is being tracked. Every text, phone call, email, tweet, etc. is being stored in databases. They can even tap into phone calls or hack into offline computers. How many terrorists is the NSA really stopping? There have been multiple tragedies such as the Sandyhook shooting and the Boston Marathon incident that were not stopped, yet the NSA is invading the privacy of United States citizens and defying the 4th amendment which protects people from unreasonable searches. The government is hiding more secrets behind the National Security Agency and what exactly they do. The NSA should not be invading United States Citizens’ privacy, especially when doing that has not proved to be very effective.
The 4th amendment of the constitution says that one cannot be searched without a warrant and the NSA has, and still is, clearly violating that by searching the innocent citizens of the United States and invading their privacy. In 2013 the NSA’s secret surveillance program was revealed publicly. In this secret surveillance program the NSA did things such as collect and store all phone records of American citizens, intercept internet communications of over a billion people worldwide, and even track the movements of people (Beauchamp). What is tracking somebody down going to do? Serious threats to the USA are way ahead of being tracked down by the National Security Agency. Not only can the NSA pull information from social media profiles, it can combine it with other private data to tell who you are with and who you are with. (Shim) This so called “monitoring”, is supposed to protect the United States from threats. What threats are they protecting by searching twitter and Facebook? A smart terrorist would not go around tweeting and calling his friends that he was going to bomb a building. According to the Washington Post and some documents they received, “The NSA is collecting billions of records a day to track the location of mobile phone users around the world.” Personal information is being taken from major cell phone companies such as customer names and addresses (EFF/NSA). Technically every American is being searched without a warrant, therefore defying the 4th amendment. Surely this could result as a good precaution to finding terrorists, spies, or any other kind of criminal, but how many criminals and terrorist attacks does the NSA really find and/or stop by completely ignoring the 4th...

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