Is The Philadelphia Experiment Real? Essay

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By definition, a conspiracy involves a web of lies sprawled through a horde of people. But never has one man held the key to such a significant piece of the puzzle. Carlos Miguel Allende was the mysterious character who could make or break the myth of the Philadelphia Experiment.In late 1943, the United States Navy is said to have performed one of the most baffling experiments ever attempted. It was the middle of World War II and the Allied Forces desperately needed to find a way to gain the technological edge over the Axis. The eastern front was a bloody affair while the Allied Forces managed to take over Africa and had just started the invasion of Italy. The war wasn't over yet. On that October day, a merchant ship witnessed as destroyer USS Eldridge became invisible, vanished, and was teleported to Norfork, VA. The battleship then returned to the Philadelphia Naval Yard. As this went on, the crew was apparently seized by madness. Suddenly, the sailors were becoming invisible too and managed to walk through walls. They even became embedded inside the hull. While some skeptics doubted that such an event could have taken place, believers spawned theories that could explain the incident. A book written some 35 years later alleges that the experiment was conducted by a Dr. Franklin Reno, an alias, as he applied Albert Einstein's unified field theory, drawing a link between gravity and electromagnetism. Others supported the hypothesis that degaussing was at the root of the occurrence. Degaussing was a technique that involved running cables along the circumference of the hull so that the ship's magnetic field would be eliminated. The purpose of this was to render the ship invisible to certain types of mines and torpedoes. A last theory was that corona discharges from a new high-frequency generator could have been the source of the Philadelphia Experiment.The quest for the truth is a natural human instinct. We always want to ensure that we haven't been lied to. It's no different when it comes to this mystery, which is also known as "Project Rainbow." The government has often been queried about the event and here's what they had to say: First of all, the USS Eldridge was elsewhere on that day. In fact, in 1943, the battleship never went to Philadelphia. It was on convoy duty between New York and the European theater. Also, in 1943, while Einstein did do some consulting work for the Navy, mostly relating to physics of explosives, his unified field theory was not fully developed yet. Actually, it never was.In addition, the merchant ship that supposedly witnessed the event was the SS Andrew Furuseth and it left the Norfolk area three days before the experiment day of October 28. Moreover, it is believed that people may have confused the invisibility from mines resulting from the degaussing for physical invisibility. Finally, the office of naval research (ONR), which handles all inquiries made into the Philadelphia Experiment, states that no known physical...

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