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Is The South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation (Saarc) A Viable Organization? Discuss Its Possibilities In The Future World

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INTRODUCTION1. Since world war-II many regional arrangements have come into being in different part of the world. Their purposes included providing a forum for regular consultation, making better use of resources and expertise and improving bargaining positions of the member state vis-à-vis the outside world. Now a day these international and regional org seem to have become increasingly prominent. This is especially in the conduct of foreign affairs and the management of global economics. But could we consider SAARC a viable? Does it have the potential- the possibility of meeting the objectives on which it was founded? Should we agree with its critics that SAARC appears to be written ...view middle of the document...

b. To accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region and to provide all individuals the opportunity to live in dignity and to receive their full potential.c. To promote and strengthen collective self-reliance among the countries of South Asia.d. To contribute to mutual trust, understanding and appreciation of one another?s problems.e. To promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in the economical, social, cultural, technical and scientific fields.f. To strengthen cooperation with other developing countries.g. To strengthen among themselves in international forums on the matters of common interests.h. To cooperate with international and regional organisations with similar aims purposes.ACHIEVEMENTS4. Much has been achieved since the formulation of SAARC, even though much more remains to be done. Lack of information on SAARC and associated regional matters is a major problem. There is little hope for the members of the public and many opportunities for regional cooperation are missed. Though initially only five areas were selected in the integrated programme of action but later on area of cooperation have been increased in 11 areas. They are:a. Agriculture.b. Communications.c. Education, culture and sportsd. Environment and meteorology.e. Health and population activities.f. Prevention drug trafficking and drug abuse.g. Rural development.h. Science and Technology.j. Tourism.k. Transport.l. Women in development.5. Gentlemen, agreement on SAPTA (South Asian Preferential Trading Agreement) was signed during the 7th SAARC summit in Dhaka held in April 1993. SAPTA entered in force on 7th December 1995 when all the member states met the necessary conditions. Under the agreement, the gradual reduction and eventual elimination of tariffs within SAARC is envisaged. SAPTA is considered to be a step on the road to creating a SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Area), which is still at the discussion stage.6. Poverty remains a defining feature of the SAARC region. However, the establishment of SAARC has at least helped to get government talking on plans to alleviate and eradicate poverty.7. The easing of travel and business restrictions within the SAARC region is a visible and enduring achievement of SAARC. This has directly and indirectly resulted in increased economic and social benefits to people in all member countries.8. Some regional institutions like, SAARC agricultural information centre, SAARC tuberculosis centre, SAARC meteorological research centre etc.9. Some regional conventions and agreements are also signed. These are Agreement on establishing the SAARC food security reserve, SAARC regional convention on suppression of terrorism, SAARC convention on Narcotic drug and psychotropic substances and SAPTA.10. Establishment of SAARC has provided unique opportunity to heads of Governments, ministers and senior representative of member states regularly to meet and exchange views on subjects of common concern. In the...

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