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Is The Us In Need Of A Moral Awakening

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The US Is In Need Of A Moral Awakening Morals. What are morals? Morals relate to the principles of right and wrong. Many Americans have seemed to let go of all their morals. In the 1950's married couples slept in separate beds, and stayed married for many, many years. Now, couples cheat, swindle, and divorce their supposed loved ones, and it does not seem to bother them very much. The US is in need of a moral awakening.Some people blame it on sex in movies, and violence on TV, but who are they to be the spokesperson for the whole country? They can't know what is going on in every household in America. You could have a family with a ...view middle of the document...

The parents are never confronted first, but what if they were home with the kids when they made bombs or got the guns? Could it have stopped them? It may have helped.Second, I believe that corrupt role models and government officials play a role in the way morals are handled and portrayed. These "Role-models" direct their focus to the youth of today; which destroys morals for generations when these officials make an error in their judgement. For instanc , in all of the presidential speeches I have ever heard were in some way regarding the youth of America. However, we have presidents that have extra-marital affairs, and lie under oath. Not to mention any names, but after tax-payers money was spent on defending this "president" he was allowed back into office to serve and run the country. Those acts demonstrate a low standard for morals.Finally, the worst display, I believe, in morals is the fact that the United States would put third world countries ahead of its own population. When we give money to these countries, and we ourselves have children in need of homes, and many adults that are also homeless, that shows that our priorities are not in order. The government should take care of its own people before it gives charity to someone else.If the US awakened to these morals the country may be in better shape. There may be fewer shootings. There may be a lot of things, but we have to start now and reawaken our morals.

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