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Is There A Duty? Essay

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The issue of global wealth redistribution has become an increasingly fundamental topic in our globalized world. The vast amount of literature on this topic has left philosophers and economists to seek questions on whether there is a duty to redistribute wealth and in what way it should be distributed globally. The uncertainty over this remains a key impediment to real life progress. Nevertheless, the crucial aspect of this debate is to understand whether individuals have an obligation to redistribute wealth internationally. There are many deep controversial issues that conflict with the justness of responsibility. However in this paper, I will be using a cosmopolitan outlook by opening up the discussion of the current global situation and what duty an individual in the developed states has to redistribute globally. I will also analyze the poverty in the third world, and assess whether distributing wealth is the most effective mechanism compared to other alternatives.

Theories of global distributive justice address the following sorts of questions. Should we feel morally concerned about the large gap between the developing countries and the developed countries? What duty do us citizens have to provide assistance to the global poor? And what scale should we take the duties to?
Many theorists and philosophers have discussed these questions in-depth and much of the literature has been framed between a ‘statist and cosmopolitan’ approach. The cosmopolitan connotes as a belief in cosmopolis or a ‘world state’ and they believe that a single set of fundamental norms of justice applies to all citizens, regardless of nationality. (Heywood, 2012) Cosmopolitans usually determine that we should all be concerned about inequality, fairness and poverty as a matter on a global level not just on a domestic level. On the other hand, the statists believe that the state is the most appropriate means of resolving problems and guaranteeing economic and social development. Statist theorists deny the distributive justice and see it more as a charity or a matter of humanitarian duty. (De Bres, 2012) Both positions have become an ostensible dilemma in global justice and ethics, especially concluding on the notion of redistribution.
The world is facing many changes within international relations and global politics, and has recently been reviewed and discussed in many philosophical, political and economic literatures. Just over two decades ago, since the Berlin War and the burgeoning of the Internet technology, mechanization and politics coupled with the widespread liberalization of cross-border markets. The new arrival of many new actors took place on the global economic stage and announced a new era for the international community. The rapid development of globalization and the increase of interdependence across nations came through a growth of interchange of service, goods, technology and capital. However, not all developments were technology, the crisis on peace...

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