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Freud, like Newton and Darwin, did not consider himself to be a philosopher but had an enormous influence over philosophy, he believed that to consider the question: “what is the meaning of life?” is a waste of time. The question, he thought, is rather meaningless and has no ultimate answer, asking it is being somewhat like asking what the color ...view middle of the document...

Everything changes radically, of course, if we belong to a Church. For a believer, everybody in the world is under the watchful eyes of the all-knowing God, who notices the slightest deviation from the right path established according to His laws (Metz). Therefore, for a traditional Catholic, the meaning of life consists in living life in such a way that contributes to saving one’s immortal soul; for a follower of many Protestant denominations, it consists in pursuing his/her calling and attaining on this path the success that indicates whether he/she is pre-destined for salvation (Metz). Nor does the problem of the meaning of life present any difficulty to one who thinks he has a duty or a mission in life: a physician dedicated to eradicate a disease, a political fighter, a half mad artist (galleries are filled by great paintings made by insane men)(Shields). As to regular men and women in our own time, they, for the most part do not spend too much time ruminating over the meaning of life and just live their lives the best way they can, whatever their understanding of what this best is (Mason). As the Latin saying goes, “Primum vivere, deindre filosofare” which translates to “First you live, and then you philosophize”. In other words, live your life and do not waste too much time thinking about it, which was derived from what Freud had stated (Mason).
The practical Romans grasped something that over the head of two millennia of Christianity resonates with contemporary pragmatism, and with the life philosophy resumed in the dictum “the meaning of life is life itself”, it is interpreted as follows: if you feel your life is an empty vessel that needs to be filled with a meaning, you are free to find for yourself the content or meaning that fits you best (Wolf). As usual, limitations apply: in living your life in accordance with the meaning you freely chose, you should not hurt others, do anything immoral or break laws (Wolf). Whether this includes reporting a runaway slave if you live in antebellum America depends upon your moral believes and courage. This simple though indirect answer to the question Freud considered meaningless and harmful is my own answer, too: first, figure out what are your goals in life, what you want to achieve in life, what you want from life (Mason); second, while pursuing your goals do not crush pedestrians who happen to find themselves on the path of reaching your ultimatum; and lastly do not break the speed limit even if you are in great hurry to arrive to your goal as soon as technically possible (Wolf).
Living your life according to this life philosophy, which is the...

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