Is There A Significant Difference In Lung Cancer Rates Between Males And Females That Smoke

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Methods: My research question is, is there a significant difference in lung cancer rates between males and females. My variables were inspired by some phone call questions that I picked from the HINTS dataset there is a total of, in which all were made from a sample of the U.S. population, also two out of three questions were asked in a likert scale. One of the first questions was “ Have you ever smoked cigarettes everyday for at least six months?”, their pool of respondents were all those who have ever smoked at least 100 cigarettes and those who smoke sometimes. This was a yes or no question in which the entries were very closely split, there was a 53.1% for the yes and a 46.9% for the no, ...view middle of the document...

Sample and Delivery: The way they selected their participants for these questions was based on whether they were active smokers, use to be smokers, and those who have not yet been diagnosed with lung cancer or any type of cancer in general. The survey was delivered through phone calls to those participants that had any of the above characteristics. The answers were recorded through a phone call recording with the consent and knowledge of the participant.
Variables: Gender was my Independent Variable and it was measured very briefly in one of the questions asking how likely is the average in male and females that smoke will develop cancer. It was a difficult to find in the HINTS dataset if there was a significant difference in lung cancer rates between males and females. My Dependent Variable was lung cancer and it seems like most respondents agreed that those who smoke regardless of the gender will have the same risk at developing lung cancer or any other type of cancer.
Statistics: The statistics software I used was the HINTS 2003 survey instrument in which I then selected the tobacco topic and it gave me a list of questions related to tobacco. I then tried to choose the best and closest questions related to my research question in which were very few. I honestly, don’t have any of my own tables formed from spss because I didn’t use any variables from that dataset instead I used HINTS. I was confused in how will I be making spss work when using HINTS, also instead of using my variables I used my first research question from homework number two. My entire...

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