Is There An Eti? Essay

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Extra-Terrestrials have been debated upon for many years. There have been eyewitnesses and sceptics. People claim to have been abducted while others claim these were lucid dreams. There have probably never been any ETs here on Earth, probably not even in the solar system. That does not mean, however, that they do not exist at all.
If scientists are right, no Extra-Terrestrials have ever been to our planet. This brings up one of the most problematic questions asked by SETI. Where are they? Why have they not come to our planet, even if it was to colonize it and enslave us. They should have come by now. There are many solutions to this paradox, first thought of by Enrico Fermi. One is that we are alone, one of the most implausible theories that science has ever seriously considered. All of the evidence says that they are in our universe somewhere, but we do not know where.
The Fermi paradox has been the biggest problem to SETI. Why are not they here? If they are advanced ...view middle of the document...

There have been at least a hundred theories to solve the Fermi Paradox, but we have no idea if any of them are true.
SETI has helped us find many new types of masses in space. These have mainly been found from radio signals being recieved, at the time being believed to be ET signals. Pulsars were one of these stars. At a SETI search in Europe, a recurring signal was recieved. It seemed to be repetitive and artifical, we had never seen anything like it before. Then we looked at where the signal was coming from. That was where we found the problem. The star was emitting radio signals, and spinning quickly. We realised that it was the star emiting repetitive radio signals as it buzzed around its axis. It was one of many false positives caused by what we did not know about. Now we have seen Pulsars that rotate at over 700 Hz. All of these false postitives have been very discouraging to SETI researchers, but none have made them stop.
The first search for ETI was conducted in 1960 by Frank Drake, and was aimed at two sun-like stars, Epsilion Erandi and Tau Ceti, and had no results. We still haven't had any results. Why do we keep searching? Compared to the amount of stars there are we have searched none. Drake's Equation with realistic numbers says there should be 1 civilization for every 100,000 stars. We have searched a mere 2,250. Chances are there is ETI. Why? All of our resources scientifically say we are not unique. We have seen other Earth-Like planets in the habitable zone of their stars. The same thing could have happened on any of those and the name of Earth could just be a number, marked as potentially habitable by us, humans on a different planet. There is almost full proof that an ETI exists somewhere, and almost a scientific given that some kind of life. intelligent or not, lived or lives on some other planet.
Extra-Terrestrial life has been a large debate for many years. Some of the most famous scientists have said that they must exist, while others claim it is blasphemy. We may never have an answer to this problem, but there almost has to be life somewhere else in the universe. However, this leaves the biggest quetsion of all still hanging. First thought of by Enrico Fermi, Where are they?

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