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Is There Any Justification To Racial Profiling?

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Racial profiling is, undoubtedly, one of the more controversial issues that has been popping up in the past few years. Trayvon Martin’s murder is easily the first issue that comes to mind. Then there was a subtle-yet-poignant internet campaign against New York’s Stop-and-Frisk system, forcing officers to start trouble and accuse randomly for the sake of their jobs. And even more recently, the young man who bought an item at a high-profile store and was immediately questioned and arrested without any true proof of crime by police; keep in mind that these examples are only related to African-Americans and that there have been many more cases of this going on, especially with the Hispanic ...view middle of the document...

He purchases a belt, leaves the store, and walks for about a block. And this is where our story begins.
Two undercover cops walk up to him and ask for his ID. When he shows it, they look in the bag and question how he was able to afford the belt. The officers then jump to the accusation that he used a fraud card, and that a Barneys employee had informed him that he did so. As it turns out, no one from Barneys ever called. The police officers lied.
How funny is that? The one people who are supposed to uphold truth and justice are being unjust and are outright lying. But why would they do this? Why would they be so determined to arrest a man who has clear proof of valid transaction and a valid ID? Consider the statistics and the previous experiences of others.
There is an article written for the Harvard Journal named “Where Is Equal Protection? Applying Strict Scrutiny To Use Of Race By Law Enforcement” which provides an excellent example from a case called United States vs Harvey (Gerstman PUT THE DATE). The officer more-or-less (and with my paraphrasing, it will be more directed towards the latter), says that he stopped this black man in an old beat-up car because most drug traffickers in Chicago tend to be black males in old beat up cars. It relied on an assumption, which is what racial profiling is all about. He definitely did not stop him just because it was a beat-up car. He stopped him-most likely-because he was black.
What is really amusing about this is that, according to the FBI crime reports of 2011 and 2012, blacks commit less crimes than whites. In both...

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