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Is There Any Way Certainly To Distinguish Being Awake From Dreaming? How?

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Firstly, we would have to question what being awake is, and what a dream is. To the average person (well, we could then question what the average person is, but that is another journal) a dream is a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep . Awake, again to the average person, is being alert and aware, and completely conscious; not in a state of sleep . From these definitions, obviously there would be ways to certainly distinguish being awake from dreaming. If one is having a dream, they may feel as if they can smell the scents, taste what is in their mouth, and feel the texture of whatever they may be holding, however, scientifically, it would be your mind almost tricking you in your dream that you are actually doing those actions, when really, you are not! The same goes for the two other scents: sight and hearing. Sure, we can see our dreams, but we are not using our eyes, and we are not using our ears. It is a figment of one's imagination that they can actually hear and see. The imagination is so confusing to start with, you can visualize an image, but, it is not in front of your eyes, so explaining a dream, is a bit complicated.Some people dream a lot, some do not. Everyone, supposedly, has a few dreams a night (each of which are said to be ten minutes), some can remember, some cannot... some people's dreams are totally random, where as others actually reflect the person's own experiences. I, myself, dream tons and remember most of them, I know another who does not dream or does not remember them. I reflect/think a lot before I actually fall asleep, where...

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