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Is There Such A Thing As True Love?

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In The Great Gatsby, the characters demonstrate that love has no relevant meaning in a relationship without the security that wealth provides. Gatsby and Wilson present Daisy and Myrtle with much of love; however, they both are stunned when Tom’s wealth and security win over the two ladies’ hearts A similar situation occurred with the author Francis Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda. She broke off their engagement due to Fitzgerald’s menial job. After publishing his books, Fitzgerald acquired a great deal of wealth and fame, then he was allowed to marry Zelda. Wealth is the key to a happy life along with love, however, love alone cannot provide happiness in marriage.
Despite having loved Gatsby, Daisy has ended their relationship because Gatsby cannot provide her luxurious gifts, like the pearls that Tom bought her. After five years, Gatsby and Daisy have met and he has been changing his life in order to please her. Gatsby used Daisy as a motivation to become the man he is now, a prosperous man. We can see this in his house. “He revalued everything in his house according to the measure of response it drew from her well-loved eyes” (Fitzgerald 91). In Gatsby’s early years, he devoted himself to making his life better. Gatsby wanted to be in the upper class because more opportunities came to him. The luxuries that are provided by wealth satisfy Gatsby’s need to become an affluent man. However, this all changes when he meets Daisy and falls in love. After he returns from the war, and realizes that Daisy is married to Tom. Ever since then, Gatsby does not let go of the past and wants to change what could have been with Daisy. Daisy soon takes control over their relationship. In the quote, Gatsby waits for an approving look from Daisy, which shows that a woman has control over a relationship. This shows the change that started to occur in the 1920s when women gained suffrage and were starting to become socially influential. According to Fitzgerald, women are becoming influential in their personal relationships with men, as well.
Just like Gatsby and Daisy’s relationship is materialistic, Wilson and Myrtle’s in the exact same. Wilson is a passive-aggressive man who allows people to walk over him. When he realizes that Myrtle is cheating on him, he lashes out by locking Myrtle up. “ ‘I got my wife locked up in there. She’s going to stay there until the day after tomorrow, and then we are going to move away’ ” (Fitzgerald (136). The one character who truly understands love is Wilson and all he wishes is to provide Myrtle a comfortable life. Myrtle is a self-centered,...

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