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Is There Anything In Life Worth Dying For?

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For most people, Life is very close and cherished to them. They yearn to enjoy every single moment in life and wish they could live forever. People believe there is nothing in life that is worth dying for. On the contrary, I believe there are some situations and values that are worth dying for as they are really important. Conversely, I consider there are some matters that tempt people to die for, but are not worth it.For example, if someone put a gun next to my friend and father's head and asked me to choose between them, what would I do? Would I choose? No. I would have willingly succumbed my life to rescue my loved people. Why would anyone do such a crazy thing? Affection and loyalty to peers and family is what insisted me into making this decision. My family has always supported and guided me to a righteous path of life. In fact, sacrificing my life for them is the least I can do. From what I recall, friends are supposed to help and take care of each other at all times, and as a friend I am also entitled to that duty. If I had chosen between my peer and father, I would have been apologetic for the decision forever. What is life without friends and family?Friendship and family are not the only values I care of. There are some rights that I am obliged to and which I am eager to give up my life for. I believe it's my duty to protect own rights. If someone seized my right of freedom or speech, I would definitely rebel back to acquire my rights even if the consequences were severe. At least there are some chances that my actions would be...

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