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Allison Lewis10/2/12Section 12Is There Community On The InternetInternet: a vast computer network linking other smaller computer networks worldwide. That is the official definition but can it also be known for linking people to other people? This essay will address how community is formed on the Internet, using the smartphone app, Holymolies. Community does exist on the Internet, specifically in Holymolies, because it has a diverse group of people that form together to achieve a goal, with a sense of necessity and support for each other through daily bible verses.Available on all smartphones, is an app called Holymolies. This app is designed to give users a bible verse each day. It is a free app, when you download it you simply create a username and you are set! You open the app and displayed is a short bible verse that changes everyday. There are three options for what you can do on this app. You can press a button called "AMEN!" that simply shows you liked the bible verse. You can click on the heart logo that gives you the option to email the verse, share on Facebook, tweet the verse or help a Holymolie. Helping a Holymolie is where you read a life story about a certain person dealing with something tragic in their life, like cancer, you have the option to give money and contact them. The last and most important thing you can do is comment. Underneath the bible verse is the comment section where you can leave your thoughts on the verse, ask for a prayer request or just say what's on your mind. With this a community has been created.When users view the comments underneath the bible verse, they notice that there is a family and spirit living amongst these people. John Perry Barlow, author of Is There A There In Cyberspace says on page 19, "When we are all together in cyberspace we will see the human spirit and the basic desire to connect, can create there." They care for each other. They desire to be together and write to each other. Every morning the users log on to read and comment together. I read one conversation between two ladies, where one mentioned that she missed the other not writing the day before. The other responded that she has been sick in bed and didn't have the energy to comment. The 1st lady was concerned and told her she would pray for her. That shows that Holymolies is more than just a passive consumption app. People do not just look at a bible verse, they take time to comment and interact. Like Barlow mentions, togetherness brings out human spirit and desire to connect. Users write to each other asking how to pray for one another and how their day is going because they want to. They love and care for each other and thus create a human spirit that lives in all of them.Holymolies is filled with diversity. Two things that Barlow says a healthy community must have to exist are diversity and a genuine adversity. The leader who goes by the username "MCK" is a 65-year-old grandma. She interacts with young people. Holymolies is an...

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