Is There Love In Her Heart?

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What is love? There are many opinions and definitions of love. One meaning of love is, “an intense feeling of deep affection” and another is “a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection.”( Love is an emotion and feeling that can only truly be experienced. It is not something that you can just pull from a hat, you must want it and even work for it. Kurt Vonnegut said, “A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved” (The Sirens of Titans). This shows that one purpose of life is love. Is love ever present in Madame Bovary? Does Emma Bovary ever experience true love throughout the novel? Emma has her husband ...view middle of the document...

He decides to pick up and move to a different town. He does this because he wants Emma to get better and is trying to help her and make her happy. He would give her anything she asked for to make her happy. He has true love for her unlike Emma who does not have any feelings of true love for him. She does not appreciate him at all. Some may even argue that she is even unworthy of him and everything he does for him.
“Love, [Emma] felt, ought to come at once, with great thunderclaps and
flashes of lightning; it was like a storm bursting upon life from the sky,
uprooting it, overwhelming the will and sweeping the heart into the abyss.
It did not occur to her that the rain forms puddles on a flat roof when
drainpipes are clogged, and she would have continued to feel secure if she
had not suddenly discovered a crack in the wall.”(Flaubert 93)

Emma cannot even see what she has right in front of her. Love is there for her but she does not even notice or return the emotion. She is blinded by her ideas in her mind of what love should be and by what she wants besides her boring life. Her misconceptions and ideas lead her awry. She is forcing herself to “love” Charles. She is letting the opportunity of loving Charles slip through her fingers and she is not noticing or caring. Emma is being foolish and stupid.
When Berthe, Emma’s daughter, is born she still does not feel honest true love there. Usually for women, motherhood is the ultimate happiness they can achieve but not for Emma. In her case,
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motherhood disappoints her and she still feels forlorn. She is disgruntled because she wanted a son but instead had a girl. She could not have even been happy and content with something that is apart of her and came from her. A mother should love their child unconditionally no matter what, even if the sex of the baby is not what you wanted. If you do not feel love for others or your spouse, you should absolutely should experience true love for your child. In an article by Jennifer Gilmore, she listed Emma Bovary as one of the top ten worst mothers in books. At first Emma covered up her disappointment about motherhood but soons she stops that too and her desires lead her away. She is a selfish mother. At the end when commits suicide, Emma leaves her daughter with her father who also dies shortly after. Berthe is left with no one.
“She was in love with Léon, and she sought solitude because it
allowed her to revel in thoughts of him at leisure. His actual presence
disturbed the voluptuous pleasure of her reveries. Her heart palpitated
at the sound of his footsteps, but her agitation always began to subside
as soon as he appeared, and she was left with nothing but deep astonishment
which eventually turned to sadness.”(Flaubert 100)

Soon after, Emma begins a romantic affair with Leon, a friend turned lover. ...

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