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Is There Such A Thing As A Just War

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War is a conflict between states or nations. What is a just war? A just war is a war morally justified. Is there just wars. Some people think there is. Others people do not think there is. If you ask military men and women that have served they will probably say there are no just wars. If you ask the president or the government they will probably say there are just wars. There are no just wars because of the reasons for some of the wars and how the military men and women are treated.
War cannot be justified. The war on terror involving Osama Bin Laden cannot be justified. President Bush sent the military into Afghanistan after Osama Bin Laden because the government thought Bin Laden was involved in the 9-11 attacks. Three thousand people died in 9/11. The government knew that 9/11 was going to happen. They just wanted a reason to get into a war. People didn't want the terrorists from 9/11 getting away with what they did. Even though all those people died and the U.S was attacked we still shouldn't have gone into war. Too many people died in 9/11. We didn't need more people to die. A lot of U.S troops died, two thousand one hundred eight lives were lost. There was no just in that war. If the government did something before the attack then we wouldn't have to have gotten into a war. More lives wouldn't have been lost.
The Iraq war from 2003-2011 was another war that cannot be justified. President George W. Bush sent the U.S into Iraq because he thought Iraq created and possessed weapons of mass destruction. Four thousand eight hundred and two U.S soldiers lost their lives. They lost their lives for no reason. Iraq having weapons of mass destruction turned out to be false. In 2003 the U.S military decided to attack Saddam Hussein because he wouldn't leave Iraq. After that attack the war continued and U.S troops continued to lose their lives. In 2007 the violence in Iraq was dying down. But in 2007 Bush sent more troops into Iraq. The death toll in 2007 was the worst.

Desert Storm was not a just war either. The U.S entered into Desert Storm of a disagreement between Iraq and Kuwait over oil prices. The U.S wanted Saddam Hussein to get his troops out of Kuwait. When he didn't the U.S entered into Desert Storm. The U.S bombed Iraq during Desert Storm. They bombed command and communications centers, missile launch sites, airports and runways. Five hundred thousand U.S troops were sent in. Two hundred ninety two troops died. The troops who made it out got sick. They got sick when they were over in Iraq from deadly toxins. They used deadly bug spray to spray down the planes. Desert Storm was never declared a war. Because Desert Storm was never declared a war the veterans didn't get there benefits till a few years ago. Lt. Steve Avery said “... they don't want anything related to injury or exposure...

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