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Is There Such A Thing As Über Culture Clash?

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Compared to our neighbours out in the Far East, our culture does not rely as much on respect and ancestral worship, and this is where we find Japanese culture strange and how our culture does not compare. A big example of this being a matter of respect and honor- a large part of Japanese culture that plays a part in their everyday life and to us Americans seemingly strange and unnecessary. It isn’t that we don’t have a concept of what honor and respect for our ancestors is, it is just that we don’t find a necessarily important aspect of our life to honor regularly; we don’t live in a culture where honor and family status is quite as important. This is can be seen quite well in the works of ...view middle of the document...

Once her/his position in society is tarnished, She/He walks through the streets without a home and with shame as it is openly excommunicated by the church; its second home, and is viewed by society as unfit for respect and aide- another example of religious importance/influence on people being practiced as dictated by the church. “Santa Lucia,” (the church and its brotherhood,) exemplify honor in a Japanese society within its values, by excommunicating Lorenzo. Lorenzo is accused of fornicating with a girl near the church, and if (s)he would be let stay at the church it would ruin the honor and rank of the church in its society so they must excommunicate her/him, this shows that the church practices honor. Even though her/his honor is tarnished by this event Lorenzo still manages to find a shred of hope and tries to go along being a beggar. It isn’t until the house of the girl that accused her/him of impregnating her goes up in flames with her baby, does the proof of dignity of Lorenzo show. She/he exhibits still having dignity for herself/himself until the end by saving the baby, and this shows that she/he has dignity. Lorenzo dies with people chanting her/his name and has her/his dignity restored. While this story didn’t provide that deep of a development in marital investment, Kesa and Morito is the main story to focus on for this concept of Japanese culture.
Kesa is the main character of this short story, a married woman who is raped and then told to kill her husband because her rapist wants to stay with her. Kesa being a good wife ruined the plan to kill him, showing that she was truly devoted to her partner. Since you are expected to respect your husband in the Japanese culture and honor him for everything he does for the family, you as a wife are usually supposed to be complacent and obeying of him. While Wataru did not outright tell Kesa that she had put her life on the line for him, she honored the respect and loyalty you are supposed to have for your husband and put herself in the situation where he is supposed to be killed originally, but she will be instead. She also cannot bear the fact that she had slept with another man, against her will naturally, but this is a good example of how honor to your partner influences greatly what you do as a married couple in this type of society and culture. She could not bear to live with the fact that she broke the sacred bond she shared with her husband through marriage, and decided since she was so overcome with shame to off herself...

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