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Is There Too Much Violence In The Media? Essay

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The amount of violence portrayed in the media is excessive, and should be decreased. The proportion of violence in the media is slowly rising due to the attention it has been receiving, causing children and even adults to be desensitized from this behavior. It has also shown that people have become notably more aggressive and hostile and as it is so easily accessible it is hard to enforce laws about ratings and restrictions. On the contrary, not all violence depicted on the media is bad and harmful; it may actually be vital to keep people aware of dangers. Violence on the media is now a big issue as technology is rapidly advancing and will not slow down in this era.

The amount of violence shown through the media is desensitizing children and also young adults. To young children, whose minds are open to new ideas, violence becomes usual and regular. It has reached the point where young adults are finding it acceptable to murder people. Derksen and Strasburger, two scientists, proposed that media uses violence to display unsuitable and destructive behavior. This is evident as bullying is found mostly during teen years. There is a strong relationship between the violence in the media and when it is used in real life. When the victim is looking for a solution, they may refer to the media once more, and if they see action characters use violence against their bullies, it is likely they will as well. Moreover, if they recognize their hero as someone who is respected by their peers because of their actions, it is possible that they will think violence is obligatory to being respected by their own peers. A situation almost exactly alike to the previous statement is the boy who murdered his girlfriend. A 17 year old, who had an addiction to the TV serial killer Dexter, murdered his girlfriend, at his family home. The boy’s obsession with horror films, violent genres and the show Dexter (a police officer and a serial killer), led the boy to imitate the character’s actions. This issue has undoubtedly showed the effect of violence on children and young adults.

The violence in different types of media has revealed people to become more aggressive and hostile. This violence has been linked to video games. Teenagers who immerse themselves in video games have been found to have violent tendencies. In Colorado, 2 teenage boys murdered 12 schoolmates and a teacher, before killing themselves. This behavior is not usual and not accepted in society now. Many more cases like these have occurred around the world. The International Society for Research on Aggression has stated that “Over the 50 years, a large number of studies conducted around the world have shown that watch violent television, watching violent films, or playing violent video games increases the likelihood for aggressive behavior.”...

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