Is This Made For A Boy? Does It Matter?

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One day driving home from a long day's work, while stopped at a traffic light you happen to glance over and see a little boy playing on the sidewalk with his little sister. Because the little girl is playing with dolls the boy wants to be included also and he picks up a doll and begins playing alongside his sister. By the looks on their faces you can tell both the little boy and his sister are having fun. All of the sudden a lady dashes out the door screaming at the little boy. Unable to hear what she is saying, you roll down the window. The angry lady seems to be the mother of the two children and she is telling the little boy not to play with the doll, boys play with trucks and cars, not dolls. As you are driving home you think about that little two-year-old boy, what is the harm in letting him play with his sister's doll? At least they are getting along. All young children, no matter what race, should be allowed to play different roles, no matter the gender. Flexibility in gender roles is very important in aiding brain development and should be promoted through play and the chores assigned to the children.Although some girls do grow up playing with only dolls and some boys do grow up playing with only cars and trucks, it is important that children be allowed to play with any toy they want. The use of play helps children learn both in a fun way and in a much quicker way. In order for children to expand their minds as adults and to be more open, they need to be able to play with dolls if a male, and cars if female. "Play is activity that is optional, spontaneous, enjoyable, not serious (Lexicon Publications 362). If a child is to play he should be able to freely wander through toys whether they be dolls, cars, or dress up clothes. Same things goes for female children, she should rummage through the toys and play with whatever toy appeals to her, whether it be play make-up, sling-shots or even...

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