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Is This True ? Essay

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Culture may be defined as a set of guidelines, values, beliefs and hierarchies that are acquired by group of individuals as members of a particular society. A multicultural society in my opinion is when people from diverse cultures, nationalities, ethnic and religious groups live in the same area, but are not necessarily engaging with one another When people of different cultures, religious groups and ethnic live in the same area and coexist with one another and keep an impartial relationship with one another this is interculturalism in my opinion. Due to globalisation and ease of travel, immigrants tend to seek for better employment prospects, higher education, and higher standard of living ...view middle of the document...

In modern times Multiculturalism is now more diverse and complex. In this day and age multiculturalism has been used as a tool by the politicians in different countries to play one or more ethnic groups against each other. This has led to hatred between different ethnic groups within the country a prime example being the 9/11 attacks USA in my view. Reasons such as this have caused Multiculturalism to fail in countries such as Canada, Netherlands and Germany.
Multiculturalism has been controversial in Germany with growing number of voices challenging it. Some experts disagree, saying integration is happening but it needs to be reflected at a national level. One in five people in Germany is an Immigrant. Some Policymakers in Germany see integration politics as a solution to create homogenised community. Integration of the Turkish community into the German society has been debatable.
In 2010 chancellor Angela Merkel of the conservative Christian Democratic Union judged attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany to have "failed, utterly failed” (Weaver, 2010)

In her argument Merkel said immigrants should learn German in order to cope in school and take advantage of opportunities in the labour market. In the past too little had been required of immigrants. She also said education of unemployed Germans should take priority over recruiting workers from abroad. In addition a poll showed that one third of the German population believes that the country is over run by foreigners (SPIEGE, 2010).

Over the last two centuries immigrants of various groups have arrived in Britain. After the Second World War there has been an influx of immigrants to UK particularly from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, East Africa and Eastern Europe. London is a home to communities from over 90 countries who between them speak 300 different languages. State developed policies promote multiculturalism in Britain have been a costly failure. This has been proved time and again. Racial tensions in 2001 and bombings in 2005 are a testimony to it. According to Daily Mail the UK is experiencing multicultural crisis as evident from recent studies. Ethnic minorities are not integrating and adapting to interculturalism in UK.
Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011 admitted his country's...

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