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Is To Kill A Mockingbird Is A Story Of Hope Or Despair?

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is ultimately a story of despair, ignorance, and hate. The tittle itself portrays a profound message of killing which does not convey a message of hope but rather a connection with despair and despondency. Throughout the novel instances of shattered innocence, injustice, and abiding by the greater opinion have added to the case of despair and dejection. This is shown through themes, matters and the characters throughout the course of the novel.
To kill a Mockingbird is a tale of despair which is portrayed through themes. Many themes are put in place to illustrate despair and injustice. Themes such as the law, racism, and social inequality play an ...view middle of the document...

Through Harper Lee’s portrayal of events that occur an understanding of despair emerges rather than a story of hope. One of the issues which occurs in the text is the outrageous unjust verdict of Tom Robinson's trial; the vendetta against blacks had already put the odds against him, but the fact that he was proved to be innocent but yet found guilty is again another example of injustice and despair in society. However this is not all, Boo Radley is another victim of injustice; boo’s innocence and sense of contentment was crushed when he was harshly judged for petty actions. Boo was socially isolated by family preference and was referred to by Jem and Scout as “the malevolent phantom.” These events supports the notion that To Kill a Mockingbird paints a picture of despair and not hope.
The characters in the novel play an important role in conveying the concept that to kill a Mockingbird is a story of despair. Characters such as Atticus, Scout, Mr Dolphus Raymond and Tom Robinson play a vital part in conveying the picture of despair. Atticus is a lawyer and the book revolves around him, he is...

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