Is Torture Is Unacceptable? English 255 Essay

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Torture is the action or practice of inflicting severe pain, whether physical or mental, on someone as a punishment or to force them to get the acquired information. It is also used by psychotic people to obtain the pleasure by inflicting the pain. Reasons for torture can include punishment, revenge, political reeducation and interrogation to extract information. The torture debate, however, is hugely controversial subject in modern society. Some believe that the people who are criminals and terrorists deserve to get punishment and torture while there are many who consider it to be barbaric and unethical. Although it is widely used by the armed forces in many countries in different forms, it has never proved helpful. It spreads hatred and develops feeling of revenge which worsens the issue rather than resolving it. Torture is unacceptable, as all human beings have their rights, and there are other modern ways of punishment and ways to get information from people.

Some people insist that there are thousands of various situations where torture can be used in order to gain the larger benefit. For example, the prisoners are tortured to reveal helpful information which could lead to the further investigations. The deliberate and intrinsic nature of the torture and other ill-treatment at prisons represent the basest form of cruelty and a heartless lack of humanity. It is done to degrade, punish and humiliate prisoners and deprived them of dignity. Sometimes the torture reaches the limit where prisoners are beaten to death. It is totally against the basic human rights.

Some governments use torture to control the uprising of public and suppress the protests. Most of the citizens agree that opposing groups should be punished and dealt strictly to maintain the peace in the country. Sometimes governments fear of losing their power so they try to silence the opposition with every possible means they can, they often ignore the welfare and benefit of their land and work for only personal gains. These nation-states openly commit war crimes, sometimes are cheered on by the majority of their citizens, and literally get away with murder. The human rights violation is fueling the rise of terrorists groups in such countries. Human rights regimes seem toothless in the face of the bold barbarisms of nation-states invested in repressing democracy, and need reform if they are to deliver justice. With each humiliation, every killing, every act of oppression, the sentiment is growing stronger, especially among the young generation, many of whom, inspired by the young, fearless militants who post their video speeches and pictures on different forms of social media.
Torture is a just means of preventing terrorism. Information obtained from terrorists is often incredibly time-sensitive. The information obtained through torture is used for a variety of purposes. If information is given about an attack taking place in the future, military and government officials...

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