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Is Training The Most Important Factor In Human Resource Management?

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Many people believe that Training & Development is the most important function in effective human resource management. But I do believe that it is not the most important factor as there are many other factors we should consider before we come in to a conclusion that Training & Development is the most important factors. In my report below we will discuss about why some people believe that Training & Development is the most important factor and the other important factors of a effective human resource management.

Human Resource Planning

The first factor we are going to discuss is human resource planning. There are two parts in a good HR planning first strategic HR planning and second Operational HR planning.
==> Strategic HR Planning
Strategic HR planning is important as it links HR management directly to the strategic plan of your organization. Most medium to large sized organizations have a strategic plan that would guide them into successfully meeting their missions. Organizations routinely complete financial plans to ensure that they achieve organizational goals and while the workforce plans are not as common but they are also just as important.
Strategic HR planning is also important from a budgetary point of view as it helps you factor the costs of recruitment, training and etc. Into your organization's operating budget.
==> Operational HR Planning
If your organization has a very strong and good HR management they should be reviewed every two to three years so to assure that they meet the organizations needs and also comply with legislation.
At an operational level, organizations also have to be aware that the interdependencies between operational decisions and HR management practices. Decisions made on one aspect of human resources will often have an impact on another aspect of HR management.

Recruitment is the process of attracting, evaluating, and hiring employees for an organization.
==> The Four Stages of Recruitment
1. Job analysis involves determining the different aspects of a job, such as through job description and job specification.
2. Screening and selection is the process of assessing the employees who apply for the job. It is conducted to understand relevant skills, knowledge, aptitude, qualifications, and educational or job related experience of employees. Some of the ways of screening are screening resumes and job applications, interviewing, and job related or behavioural testing.
3. After screen and selection, the best candidate is then selected.
4. On boarding is to help new employees become productive members of an organization.

Employee orientation is part of a long-term investment in a new employee. HR managers are given the role to help new employees feel welcome and less painful in the process of adapting to the company.

Some of the basic orientation consist of
• Welcoming employee to company
• Orientation to business...

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