Is Vegetarianism Better Than Eating Meat?

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Did you know that a vegetarian's diet can be unhealthy because of the food that they consume and the things that they lack in their diet? While many are debating healthy choices, vegetarianism is more about making healthy decisions than arguing its lifestyle with non-vegetarians.
In today's society, meat eaters are portrayed as inconsiderate and unhealthy people. Animal rights activist say that meat eaters are wrong for killing animals. The news, infomercials, and social websites always state the negative things that could come from eating meat such as obesity. In infomercials, that are encouraging weight loss programs and food products, they always show an obese person eating unhealthy food such as a big greasy cheese burger. Advertisements for healthy living always try to prove a point of unhealthiness by showing a person making an unhealthy decision. When people promote products, they say all the good things about their product and try to skim past the negative things by saying them fast or by putting them in little writing. However, when it comes down to eating meat and choosing another lifestyles such as vegetarianism one is not better than the other. Many people do not realize that commercials that advertise good health are actually answering the question of whether or not eating meat is better than being a vegetarian or vice versa. When people see that overweight person eating fast food or unhealthy food on TV, the first thing that should come to mind is that a person is healthy or unhealthy based off the decisions that he or she make on a daily basis. It is very clear that if a meat eater choose the right meat to eat and prepare it in a healthy way that is a healthy decision made toward living a healthy life style. If a meat eater balances healthy food choices by maintaining a low fat diet and exercise they will be living a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it's all about the choices that you decide to make in a certain lifestyle that determines if it is healthy or not, not the lifestyle itself.
When a meat eater is trying to live a healthier life, they do not have to choose an entire different lifestyle to live such as vegetarianism. The only thing that he or she needs to do is make healthier decisions in their current lifestyle. Even though a lifestyle, such as vegetarianism, sounds like it could be healthier it can actually be harmful and make a person sick or worse. If a meat eater wants to become a vegetarian, he or she can end up causing harm to their body if they do not gain knowledge about the lifestyle first. For example, it states in the article The Health Risks of New-wave Vegetarianism that new vegetarians told Christine Trankner, a dietitian in London, "they eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, breads and cereals – but nothing else" (Szabo, 1997, pp.1454-5). Obviously, there is more to what people see and hear about vegetarianism that meets the eyes and ears. Meat eaters think that if they want to transition over to being a...

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