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Is Violence Caused By Video Games And Movies? Research Does Not Support This Claim.

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It is not uncommon to hear others claim that violence in the media is directly correlated to violence within youth. However, the article “Violent Video Games and Movies Causing Violent Behavior” coauthored by Eugene Beresin and Steve Schlozman exposes the truth; the concept of violence in media relating to violence in real life does not have scientific backing. Nonetheless, it has been shown that children prone to violence chose to play engage in violent media sources at a higher level than those with a less violent history. The article “Violent Video Games and Movies Causing Violent Behavior” successfully and convincingly uses Aristotle’s and Toulmin’s concept of argument to state that there is no evidence that violence within media directly affects children.
In the United States we have the highest homicide rate, but we do not have the highest amount of violent media consumption. If violence were to be linked to violent media, particularly violent video games, countries such as Japan would be expected to have higher rates of homicide. In the Washington Post, Fareed Zakaria expresses “the Japanese are avid video game players and have a homicide rate close to zero” (Schlozman, and Beresin). Japan is one of the highest consumers of video games and yet do not have significant amounts of violence. The amount of homicides within the US and Japan are almost polar opposites, something that Schlozman and Beresin prove and explain through the use of Aristotle’s logos concept. Violence continues within the United States even though “…the rate of video game use of all kinds is actually decreasing in the United States, and many of the top selling games are decidedly non-violent” (Schlozman, and Beresin). Therefore, even though correlation between violence and violent, horrific, media is suggested, this article proves to the uniformed public otherwise. It is through examples such as Japan that Schlozman and Beresin use their knowledge of argument to give accurate information about violence and the media.
Is violence just within video games and horror movies? No, it is not if one were to “go watch the first scene of Finding Nemo when Nemo’s mother is killed. Or watch the scene in The Lion King when Simba’s uncle, Scar, kills his father, Mufasa” they would soon realize that violence is even within Disney, the most child oriented production company (Schlozman, and Beresin). Although, there is no call to stop children from viewing Disney films which is something that Schlozman and Beresin capitalize on through the use of pathos. Similarly, violence is within the daily news, something we once again do not shield our children from (Schlozman, and Beresin). If exposure to violence through various forms of media is related to violence within our youth, there is no way that video gamed are able to be the role cause of these violent outbursts thus providing us with more proof into the lack of factual evidence linking...

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