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Is Violence In Films Responsible For Children's Agressive Behavior?

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Is Violence in Films Responsible For Children's Agressive Behavior?

Violence on screen is often offered to the young population, which responds to it in so different ways. Children's psychological development is based on social experiences and imitations. Children are influenced either by their families (direct source of influence) or by their surroundings (indirect source of influence). The question I will be exploring is the responsibility of the violence in films in children’s aggressive behavior. I will discussthe points of view of the magazines, Economist and Journal of Popular film & Television, and a web site


According to web site, screen violence is responsible for children’s aggressive behavior. For Ramos, the author screen, violence is a significant contributor to youth’s aggressiveness. He gives us some examples as sources for violent behavior: Jerry Springer Show, Power Rangers, Cops, and South Park. They all display different forms of violence. They are all scheduled "between 3pm and 9pm, when the audience is mostly children and teenagers. The networks are targeting children and teenagers as viewers for violent shows because this audience ensures high ratings. Ramos refers to Lily (network representative) who said that "It is ‘show business’ not, ‘show art’, we are giving to the people what they want to buy." The author thinks that the networks are more concerned by profits than education and entertainment. The excessive display of violence on TV has a negative influence on its viewers. Extensive viewing of television violence by children and teenagers causes greater aggressiveness. The author refers to Szaflik who also thinks that ‘watching a single violent program can increase aggressiveness. Children and teenagers who view in which violence is realistic, frequently repeated or unpunished, are more likely to imitate what they see.’ According to Ramos, the impact of TV violence may be immediately evident in the child’s behavior or may surface years later. So, screen violence appears to be, in that case, a dangerous thing for children and teenagers.

The magazine, Economist shares Ramos’ point of view. In its article (August 13, 1994), videodrome, the magazine presents screen violence as a "causal factor" in children aggressive behavior. Based on some psychological researches, the article affirms that "there is a link between watching violent films and children’s aggressive behavior." According to those researches, on different boys, "there was a correlation between the amount of TV violence watched and aggression among the eight-year-olds. There was also a correlation between watching violent films at eight and aggressiveness at 19. When they reached 30, those who had watched the most TV violence as children tended to have convictions that are more criminal, to be more likely tended to batter their spouses and, in their turn, to have more aggressive...

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