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Is Workplace Control Of Drugs More Important Than Protecting Employee Privacy?

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With the amount of different occupations that are available to potential workers in the workforce, it is hard to create a set of standard rules and regulations that all firms must obey by. Some organizations strive to provide excellent customer service and support towards their products. Whereas, other organizations set their highest priority at maintaining the highest level of public safety and awareness. The spectrum of different scenarios and mission statements for companies are almost endless with various intentions at stake. When workers are tested for drugs this adds a complex variable into the situation, which also leads to an ethical dilemma. Measuring an employee's performance is ...view middle of the document...

Depending on the persons moral principles, what they consider to be ethical may not be the same as the person standing next to him or her. Some people will argue that testing them for drugs is an evasion of privacy. If the employee's performance is not compromised and they are able to do the job efficiently and effectively, then what they do on their own time should not be controlled by the employer. Employees have several rights towards privacy, but drug testing does not technically fall under one of these rights. This does not mean that testing employees for drugs is not ethically correct. It can feel like a large burden, by allowing your employer to analyze your entire body and to see what is inside of it. If you are one of the innocent employees who have the unlucky circumstance of having a false positive show up in your drug test, you could potentially be fired. Moreover, depending on how your employer handles the situation, you could be embarrassed and humiliated from false test results. False positive test results are actually quite common with five percent of all drug tests containing errors in the final reports (Drug Testing, 2005). Placing an employee's job and life at stake towards a test with a high percentage rate as it is, can be a very chancy and dangerous situation towards the individual and their emotions.By law, pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, follow-up, and return-to-duty are the only times that employers are allowed to do drug testing. When analyzing the first scenario of pre-employment this maintains that all employees should pass a drug test before being hired. Not all organizations perform these tests, so ultimately it is up to the employee if they want to work for that organization or not. I see this scenario as the most ethical and beneficial towards the employer. Finding applicants for a job is a very hard process, which involves resumes, interviews, reference checking and numerous monotonous tasks in order to find the ideal employee. By offering drug tests in the initial job hiring state, this could help the employer find a applicant who fits the description better for the job. Professions which deal...

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