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Is Global Warming A Genuine Threat To The Planet Earth?

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Is global warming a genuine threat to the planet earth?Heather J. FazioSCI 207-Dependence of Man on the EnvironmentShannon CoronaJune 9, 2008Part I: ThesisAccording to April Holladay (2006), global warming is often defined as "the observed increase in the mean (average) temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans in recent decades," which, unfortunately, leads to difficulties. Even though there are several factors that burden the environment, the primary factor is the rapidly growing population (Cunningham, 2006). The rising population is the main concern that leads to global warming. Did you recently have any births in your family? How about your friends, co-workers, etc.? Just a few months ago, I added another human being to this earth who contributes to the rising population. People need to practice sustainable development to enrich the existing living standards and for future generations (Cunningham, 2006). With the rising population, we need to improvise now: recycle, pick litter up from the sides of the roads, be conservative with the resources such as, water, electricity, etc (Cunningham, 2006). Have you ever thought about how many people you see on a daily basis? As the world population grows, improving living standards without destroying the environment is a global challenge (2000). The future of our earth relies on how people use or abuse the environment (2000). As humans, we need to clean up our act to improve living standards for the future. If we do not change our ways, humanity will come upon an ecological catastrophe (2000). To clean up our act we can: use energy efficiently, manage our cities in a better way such as "Going Green", protect our waters, harvest our forests, and many others. We protect our loved ones everyday by holding their hand when crossing the street, feeding them, providing hygiene care, etc. Let's protect the future for them as well. Did you ever think we might be causing our own extinction? Global warming is a continued threat on a daily basis and the strains placed upon our environmental surroundings are not a new area of interest. Our Earth has taken abuse over thousands of years, how do humans feel after 70 years of life? The elderly feel worn out, tired, aches, pains, brittle, so of course our planet earth is suffering. The environmental trauma on Earth is a continuing process. Henry Kendall, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, warns that we are putting ourselves into danger (Stiefel, 1998). After one is done reading this paper, you will be thinking twice about your daily actions and helping our earth in a friendlier way.Part II: Anti-thesisSome people feel that there is no need to worry about global warming such as the conservative view on the environment, they see a divergence among states, and tend to think of the issue as a game that involves politics (Cunningham, 2006). As April Holladay (2006) states, both political parties, liberals and...

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