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“On you Northwestern, you play really bad,” was all that I had in my head going to pick up my cousin Isaac at the nearby Walker Brothers restaurant. We were going to the Northwestern vs. Brown game. David and I went to that game last year, and Northwestern beat Brown 63-42. This year Northwestern wasn’t doing so well. They won 7 out of 12 games while Brown won 6 out of 9. I knew that this game would go down to the last few seconds.
As we pulled up to the Walker Brothers restaurant, I saw Isaac standing in the parking lot wearing a Northwestern jersey. He looked super excited for what the day might bring him. I was just wearing a random jersey that I had picked out of my closet. I didn’t ...view middle of the document...

He laughed, as it reminded him about the NCAA tournament game that Illinois lost on a bad call. “Merry Christmas,” he said.
“Thanks, you to,” I replied.
We walked up the stairs to go to our seat. We sat down anxiously awaiting the game to start. I was super excited to see the game. BUZZ!!!!! Went the clock showing that the game was starting. The Ref threw the ball into the air, and Drew Crawford recovered the ball. Dave Sobolewski was dribbling the ball up the court. He did a crossover which faked out Josh Biber. Then he ran the ball into the lane and shot an easy layup. Isaac stood up and started cheering. Josh Biber took the ball up the court and shot it. He got the point.
This kept happening until the final seconds of the game. Drew Crawford dribbled the ball up the court and made a three point shot which put Northwestern up by 9. Then, Josh Biber took the ball with the final 8 seconds left and shot a three which went in. But it was too late. Northwestern had won the game! Isaac was screaming with joy and I was very happy that Northwestern had won so Isaac would not have to watch Northwestern lose in his first game. We walked down towards the court to hear Coach Collins, who is the Northwestern coach, address the win and talk about what the team could have done better. Once we got down to the court we waited for a couple of minutes until Coach Collins finally walked out of the locker room to head to the press area. Everyone started clapping as he put on the headphones. “So, Coach Collins,” One of the commentators started, “how do you think your boys played today?”
“Well,” Coach Collins started, “I think that they played amazing today, and I think with more hard work and some more practice, we can become a better team.” “How do you think Brown played today?” Another commentator asked.
“Well, I think that they played very hard, they are a very talented team with a lot of capability to go far in their season,” Coach Collins replied.
“Well Coach Collins, thank you for talking to us, and now back to Chuck with the highlights of the game.” the Big Ten Network representative announced.
Coach Collins put down the headphones, shook hands with the press, and walked back into the locker room.
My dad announced, “alright guys, now lets go to hear Aaron Liberman talk about what it is like to be the only orthodox jewish basketball player in the NCAA.
We walked up the stands and took a seat near where he was talking.
"You know, ever since I was a little kid, I always loved the sound of the ball going into the net with the little swish." I heard Aaron Liberman reply to a question. I raised my hand to ask a question to him because I was curious if he ever played basketball on a religious holiday.
“Yes, you in the red shirt.” Aaron Liberman pointed at me. “Mr. Liberman, have you ever had a game, or had to play on a religious holiday?” I asked.
He looked at me and replied, “There was once a game on Shavuot, but I had to tell Coach Collins that I could...

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