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Isaac Watts
Isaac Watts is known as the “Father of English Hymnody” (Christianity Today Web). His dedication to changing the way believers worshipped God is still remembered through his numerous hymns that churches sing to this day. The experience and training of Isaac Watts is what made him able to have such a successful career, allowing him to leave behind a legacy of great honor and talent.
Isaac Watts was born on Saturday, July 14, 1674, in Southampton, England (Paxton 1). Watts was the eldest of nine children born to Isaac Watts Sr., and his mother whose name is unknown. Isaac Watts Sr., was a Puritan; he did not believe that the church had separated from the Roman Catholic Church. Throughout the majority of Isaac Watts' childhood, his father spent time in prison because of his beliefs as a Puritan. While Isaac was still a baby, his mother would sit on the rocks outside of the prison nursing him.
As a young child, at the age of four, Isaac Watts' father began to teach him Latin before he had ever started grammar school. Isaac began his schooling at a free grammar-school in Southampton where he was under the supervision and care of the Reverend John Pinhorne. While he was attending school, his father was imprisoned once again for six months, but that time when he was released he was forced to leave his family, and live privately in London for two years. Isaac Watts Sr., was an incredibly smart man, while he was separated from his family, he began a boarding-school. Still in school, even though his father was still in prison, Watts learned Greek at the age of nine, French at eleven, which he decided to learn to be able to talk and witness to a neighbor who was a refugee, and Hebrew at thirteen.
From the age of four, Isaac Watts found a love for reading. Watts loved making small poems. Anything he saw he turned into a poem, including one time during a prayer before a family meal Watts saw a mouse climbing a rope and said, "A little mouse for want of stairs ran up a rope to say its prayers" (Kiefer Web) When Watts' father heard his poem, he felt that it was not proper and began to discipline his son, Issac Watts responded to his father, "Father, father, mercy take, and I will no more verses make,” (Kiefer Web). In 1688, Watts began to feel convictions from the Holy Spirit urging him to turn away from his sinful, fleshly ways. A year later Watts began to trust in Christ and for ten years was discipled by Reverend Pinhorne.
The academic success of Watts drew the attention of those around him. Some of his friends and one of the doctors saw his success and saw that there was great potential in Watts. Those people wanted to pay for Watts to go to school with hopes that he would become a minister in the Roman Catholic Church, but because Watts was a Puritan, he did not accept the offer. Instead, Watts decided to go to the Nonconformist Academy. After graduation from the academy, Watts spent the next two years at...

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