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This research paper talks about a very well know author known today as Isabel Allende. She is a very interesting person who has a really interesting life and background. She was born in Lima a city in Peru. Today she lives in San Francisco with her American husband and one daughter and one son. She is very well known for books that she had written in the past and for books she has written today.
Isabel was born on August 2nd in the city of Peru which is located in Peru. Her mother was named Francisca Liona Barros or as close family members knew her Dona Panchita. Her fathers name was Tomas Allende. He was a Chilean diplomat. Her father’s cousin was the President for the country of Chile. ...view middle of the document...

She was nervous to go there. There were many reasons why. The first reason why is because she had to learn a whole new language. The other reason why she was nervous is because it was a whole new different country that she never truly have heard of. When she first arrived there she recalled it was the coldest area she was ever in. In the first few weeks there she was hit with the flu because of the cold. In Beirut she attended an English Private School. In that school she mastered the English language and also started to learn a few European languages like Italian or French. After a few years in Beirut in the year 1958 she returned back to Santiago.
There in Santiago Isabel continued the rest of her young adult life. When she started high school she was very motivated into writing and literature. The reason why was because she was very interested into Shakespeare. She loved how there was so much emotion in just a few sentences and a big storyline to a little play. What she loved most was the passion Shakespeare had to write. She wanted to do the same thing. Her favorite play of Shakespeare was Romeo and Juliet. The reason why was because it wasn't because of the love or the drama it was because of the words. She thought that each word in the dictionary has its own strong emotion. She soon wanted to take high writing classes in high school but was stopped by many of her teachers. Isabel had a very hard struggle with one of her teachers in her first year of high school. His name was Mr. Francisco. He thought that Isabel did not have the talent of writing in the future. He sometimes also thought that the writers in history were men. Isabel wanted to prove him wrong. She would recall each day that she would look up a very complicated fact about writing and tell it to her teacher. Each time she would tell him the fact Mr. Francisco would always correct it or add a detail that she missed to it. One day she was done with him and said to him,” You are one sexist, hypocritical, and selfish man. You have never respected me once like the lady I am and any lady can write like or better than a man like you.” All he did was applause to her and told her that all the times she told him a fact that she was right. Soon after Isabel started to take higher classes in literature. She was so advanced in writing she started to take college classes. When she graduated high school she received many recognition. She also received the devastating news that her father was assassinated by a group of terrorist that was against the Peru Government.
After high school she goes studies to a college near her home area. She wanted to major in literature. During her time in college she started to learn more and more on how literature works. Isabel also started to learn how literature works in different areas of history and in different languages. Isabel also had the many opportunities to go to different countries in Europe and North America to learn literature there. After she...

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